Hunters Race to Find Hitler in Season 2 Trailer

Hunters scramble to find Hitler in the first full-length trailer for the upcoming action-packed second and final season of the hit fictional series.

The latest glimpse into Amazon Manhunt season 2 highlights the group's hunt for the world's most notorious villain, Adolf Hitler. The historical fiction series first premiered on streaming in February 2020. The show follows a dynamic group of Nazi hunters in the heart of New York City in 1977 who track down a number of former Nazi officers who immigrated to the United States after the war. While the wait for The Hunter's second season has been longer than expected, it was recently revealed that the upcoming season will be the series' last.

Amazon Prime Video has now released the first full trailer for the upcoming second season of the hit historical fiction series The Hunters. This action-packed trailer kicks off the latest chapter of the famed Nazi hunter group as they sail across Europe, recruit new members, and desperately hunt down Hitler in the upcoming bloody final season. Check out the trailer below:

What To Expect From Hunters Season 2

In the first official full-length trailer for the upcoming Hunter Season 2, Jennifer Jason Leigh teams up with the famed Nazi hunter to find and bring down Hitler, as her character has been doing for over 20 years come as you have been trying to do year. Jennifer Jason Leigh will join series regulars Logan Germain, Al Pacino, Jerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Josh Radnor, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvaney and Greg Austin join forces in the final season of Amazon's hit series. The series is created by David Weir, with horror icon Jordan Peele serving as executive producer.

Although the fate of Pacino's character Meyer Offerman in the first season of The Hunter rested with Jonah Heidelbaum (Lehman), in the upcoming second season, Pacino The Offerman still seems to have a story to tell. Pacino's Offerman can be seen in the latest trailer as a flashback to Season 2's parallel storyline that delves into the Hunter's origins and details how Offerman brought the villainous team together before, Because Offerman's true identity urgently needs to be exposed. As viewers learn who Offerman really is in Hunter season 2, it will be interesting to see how the flashbacks surrounding Offerman's past begin to unravel deeper, darker secrets.

Offerman returned to the upcoming season in flashbacks after his death to reveal more of his dark and murderous past, calling into question whether he was the most notorious Nazi ever, Hitler, after all, will be the villain of the series finale. Following the runaway success of the series' first season, it will be interesting to see if the second and final seasons of The Hunters can match it, especially with a three-year gap between the first and second seasons. . The Hunter Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime on January 13.

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