How to Tag Movies and TV Shows on Your TikTok Videos

New IMDb partnership provides insight into movies and shows featured in TikTok videos. Learn the steps to tag a title on your next video.

TikTok users can now link to the movies and shows they discuss through a partnership with IMDb. Fans love using this entertainment app to connect and find out about their favorite movies and TV shows. TV buffs, niche fans, and critics drive the community, ready to discuss what they love. In the past, viewers needed to leave the app and go directly to IMDb's website to see what they saw on TikTok. But this is inconvenient, so users often keep scrolling the FYP.

TikTok has added a new feature that allows users to link directly to movies and TV shows in their videos. Powered by IMDb data, these links will provide information about movies and TV shows such as top actors, directors, genres, release dates, running times and user ratings. The partnership between ByteDance and Entertainment Database will help users discover and get information about available content without leaving the social media app.

How To Link Movies And TV Shows On Tiktok

Tagging movies and shows takes very little time and is beneficial for creators. First open the app and press the "+" button to create a new video. Create TikTok videos As usual, navigate to the final post-edit page. At this point, select the "Add Link" button below the description. Next, select the "Movies & TV" tab. Users can search for any of the millions of titles on IMDb and choose up to five titles for each TikTok. After selecting what you want, press the "Add" button. Users will see the label above the title while watching the video. Click on the link and TikTok will display a description and key information about the selected title.

While this feature benefits filmmakers, it also helps content creators. For example, each link's details include a set of TikToks that also tag the same movie or TV show and help increase exposure to the creator. Production companies may sponsor content creators and require their tags to be included in related videos, providing an additional revenue stream.

IMDb also mentions that a link feature can be used on a user's profile. Right now, it's unclear if this will work for all users, or if it's a feature you get once you reach a certain number of followers. For the latest features, please update Regular application. Certain updates may also roll out in different regions at different times. The IMDb and TikTok collaboration is currently only available in the US and UK.

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