How to follow your favorite sporting events on the action-packed island

iPhone 14 Pro users can select current sports events to follow in the dynamic island, providing real-time updates and score changes. Here's how.

Apple's release of iOS 16 brought live events to all iPhones, but the latest and greatest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max take this feature a step further -- users can follow live sports events on a dynamic island. Live Activities are designed to provide the latest updates on time-sensitive transactions, such as tracking deliveries or carpool requests. Previously, developers could send individual notifications to provide users with updates, but this was not an intuitive way to push frequent changes. Live Activities now present changing information in a widget-like format, but they will appear differently on Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro.

While this might seem great for tracking time-sensitive orders, Apple also has another use case in mind for Live Activities and Dynamic Island: tracking sports scores. Sports fans would love to watch every game live, but that's just not possible. As a result, they find themselves following the game using various online trackers. Instead of switching back and forth between online games and other apps, users can choose to focus on specific games. After selecting a game, users can receive real-time updates and score changes on the dynamic island, as first spotted via MacRumors.

Follow Live Sporting Events In The Apple TV App

Surprisingly, the hub for following sports on the iPhone can be found in the Apple TV app. Once the app is open, users can scroll down to the Sports tab on the Watch Now page. Some popular or live sports events are displayed here, but users can click the arrow next to the "Sports" tab to view the full sports page. At the top of this page, the "Watch Live" option will display all current and upcoming sporting events in one place.

For users who know exactly what event they are looking for, the Search page can be used to find an event, team or league. Once they find a game they want to follow, clicking on the title of the game opens its individual page. Current events will have a "Follow" button on this page which, when clicked, will activate the live event for that race. On iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Live Activity will appear on Dynamic Island, providing scores and updates at a glance.

At launch, NBA and MLB games will be available to users in select countries on devices running iOS 16.1 or later. This function may More leagues will be supported in the future, and users cannot follow currently delayed, suspended or ended games. Despite some limitations, Apple's game tracking feature is a great tool for sports fans looking to multitask while keeping an eye on ongoing events on the iPhone 14 Pro.

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