How To Complete Captain Marvel's Heart Of Heroes Quest In Marvel's Midnight Sun

To destroy the Red Crystal in Captain Marvel's challenge mission "Heart of Heroes," players will need to master Marvel's Midnight Sun Solitaire mechanics.

To unlock and defeat Captain Marvel's challenge quest Heart of Heroes in Marvel's Midnight Sun, players must use the All-In cards correctly, or they will use up all of their cards before defeating the Red Crystal. Heart of a Hero is a special challenge quest for Captain Marvel that unlocks when the player reaches maximum friendship with the character. Friendship XP can be gained or lost by making certain dialogue choices. Players can also earn friendship XP with characters by doing brief activities in Hangouts, inviting them to Haven, complimenting them, giving them gifts, or taking them on quests.

As players develop friendships in Marvel's Midnight Sun, they will receive rewards based on the levels they achieve. At level one, players will unlock additional hangout bonuses; at level two, they gain a common passive ability; at level three, combo modifiers; at level four, a rare passive ability; at level five, a Unique challenging missions. Completing these challenge missions will unlock the character's black and gold Midnight Sun outfit and their legendary hero power, which in Captain Marvel's case is supernova.

How to Beat Hero's Heart in Marvel's Midnight Suns

According to Gamerant, players can easily beat The Challenge:^ This quest, like most quests of its kind, has at its core a puzzle that the player must figure out in order to complete it. Players are tasked with defeating Whispers of Memory and crystals with unusually high Hp before the cards run out. The trick to this fight is to build up enough blocks and then use the All In cards to turn them into attacks, which will greatly enhance Captain Marvel's attacks, allowing her to destroy the crystal with just two or three attack cards. Afterwards, players will receive Captain Marvel's Legendary Supernova card in Marvel's Midnight Sun, which they must use to end the battle on the Amethyst.

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