How Marvel's Midnight Sun Is Setting Up a Sequel

Marvel's Midnight Suns tells an epic supernatural story set in the Marvel universe, and the end-credits scene heralds more adventures to come.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's Midnight Suns.]

While Marvel's Midnight Sun told a full superhero story, the turn-based role-playing game also made a sequel with a post-credits scene. Based on the supernatural side of the Marvel Comics Universe, the game casts players in the role of a customizable protagonist named the Hunter, who gathers a group of heroes to fight their demon mother, Lilith. The plot of Marvel's Midnight Sun takes players through the Marvel universe, but the post-credits trailer hints that there's a bigger story to tell.

^ At the end of the game, the main villain of Marvel's Midnight Sun is revealed to be the demon Chthon instead of Lilith himself. The hunter's demon mother actually tries to destroy the evil Chthon in order to save her child from being possessed by a cruel demon. The story of Marvel's Midnight Sun ends with Lilith, The Hunter, and Chthon being swallowed by and trapped within the mysterious book Darkhold. This sacrifice allowed the other heroes in the game to survive while seemingly permanently saving the world from the threat of Chthon.

While the game's playable protagonist appears to die at the end of the game along with Lilith and Chthon, the end credits scene teases Hunter's death in Marvel's Midnight Sun may not be permanent. In a conversation between Agatha Harkness, Doctor Strange, and the Gatekeeper, the supernatural heroes discuss events in the game, with the Gatekeeper saying the series' story is "far from over" and suggesting that Lilith and Hunter may return. Caretaker explained that Lilith and Hunter's relationship brought them both back to life at the start of Marvel's Midnight Sun, and joked that the customizable protagonist and their demon mother could return for the sequel.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Teases The Return Of The Hunter

In addition to the return of Hero Hunter, another Marvel Midnight Sun post-credits scene teases the future appearance of an iconic Marvel villain. There are various bosses to defeat in Marvel's Midnight Sun, but a second post-credits scene teases the arrival of the iconic Doctor Doom. The scene shows the Dark Lord resting in an unknown location before Doom reaches down with a metal gloved hand to claim it as his own. Given that the first game combined supernatural elements with more common sci-fi comic tropes, Doctor Doom is well versed in technology and magic, which would make him the perfect villain for Marvel's Midnight Sun sequel.

Doctor Doom May Appear In Marvel's Midnight Suns 2

Payback by teasing With the presence of the Hunter and beloved villain Doctor Doom, Marvel's Midnight Sun clearly sets the storyline for future sequels. While the finale of Marvel's Midnight Sun could set up DLC, it's more likely that these plot points will be addressed in a full sequel. The next game in the turn-based RPG series may bring back the Hunter, while also introducing brand new Marvel heroes to join the fight against Doom. No sequel has been officially announced yet, but Firaxis Games has clearly teased another entry in Marvel's Midnight Sun franchise.

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