How The Last Five Survivors 43 Contestants Approached The Jury

The five remaining Survivor 43 contestants revealed how they intend to pitch their cases to jury members during the final tribal council.

The Survivor 43 finale aired on December 14, with the remaining five contestants vying for the grand prize by presenting their cases to the jury. The remaining entrants Karla Cruz Godoy, Owen Knight, Jesse Lopez, Mike Gabler and Cassidy Clark still have a chance at the $1 million grand prize. While they fought hard to achieve such success in Survivor, the toughest battle was convincing eliminated competitors to vote for them to win.

The final five have all earned their spots on their own merits, whether winning through immunization matches or eliminating other competitors through strategy games. It could be argued that Jesse dominated Survivor 43 with her in-game action, but Karla's likability and great social play could have earned her more votes. Still, Owen, Cassidy, and Gabler have a chance, depending on how they sell their Survivor gameplay to the jury. EW interviewed all of the cast members before the season started and asked them how they hoped to make it to the final tribal council if they were successful.

Survivor 43 Contestants Intended To Keep Their Pitches Positive

The answers of the final five contestants are somewhat similar, but their approaches vary. Karla and Jesse have the same intentions to ensure that other actors Don't feel belittled by what they say. Jesse said, "Sitting in the last tribe, I don't want to say anything negative about the person sitting next to me." Kara, who is supported by Survivor fans, also said the same. And added that she would not make negative comments about someone they voted out. Cassidy's plan for the jury is to be able to differentiate her game moves from those of her competitors.

Owen Knight & Mike Gabler Gave Credit To Survivor Competitors' Gameplay

Owen and Survivor 43 winner Gabler also intended to approach the jury in a positive light, but unlike Karla and Jesse, they praised the other contestants' gameplay. Gabler explained, “I don’t think this adventure is about one person. It’s about everyone.” Equally, Owen said, “I want to give people credit where it’s due and be humble and try to be respectful to me. Humility." Owen and Gabler's focus on the entire team rather than themselves showed that they recognized the actions of other players and that they couldn't make it to the finals alone. This pitching style won the jury vote because gameplay, like Gabler's during the merge, couldn't be done without other players working according to his plan.

Considering that the actors gave these statements Before the season started, they were unsure if it would go the way they intended. It's hard for anyone to predict how they're going to play on Survivor, so the way they think they'll play might not happen that way. Therefore, it is necessary to change their pitch to the way they play. Gabler, however, won the race and finished among the final five players.

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