How Jesse's Blindness to Cody Reinvigorated the Survivor Fanbase

Survivor fans were slow to react to the show's new era, but Jesse Lopez's betrayal of Cody Asenmacher rekindled enthusiasm among many viewers.

Most Survivor fans were critical of the entire season 43, but Jesse Lopez's betrayal of his closest ally, Cody Asenmach, reignited many fans' love for the show. The move came in the final six-man vote, when Jesse orchestrated an incredibly shrewd game that knocked Cody out of the race. Though the two have dominated the season together up to that point, Jesse is motivated by wanting to support his family and realizes that Cody is his biggest obstacle to winning the race (and the million-dollar prize).

In one of the most memorable Survivor moments in years, Jesse exploits Cody's trust in him to engineer a brutal blind spot that sees him use Cody's own hidden immunity idol (which Cody entrusted to him) to save Owen Knight. This forces Karla Cruz Godoy to play her idol for self-preservation. Cody was completely stunned by the move and was voted out by his closest friends. The already iconic moment ended in a tense confrontation between the two, as Jesse offered to shake Cody's hand as he left the game. Cody made the decision to do so after emotionally deliberating.

Jesse Betraying Cody Has Energized Survivor Super Fans

Blindside has been revived The passion many fans have for Survivor. Season 43 wasn't particularly popular with fans, many of whom had trouble relating to the season and weren't happy with the season's unexpected Mike Gabler win. Viewers have struggled to maintain their enthusiasm for the show, largely because of the many changes Survivor has made since season 41 as part of its new era, including shorter game lengths and a new cut style.

However, Jesse's betrayal of Cody is Survivor's best performance. It represents a confluence of some of Survivor's core components. The move is the ultimate expression of the strategic maneuvering and character development that Survivor's tenet drew many fans to in the first place. The Betrayal energized Survivor's devoted fans and sparked enormous debate and analysis on social media, including within the Survivor fan community. Viewers pointed to the betrayal, calling it one of the most emotional and complex moments in Survivor's history.

Cody's Blindside Is The First Legendary Moment Of New Era Survivor

Jesse's blind attack on Cody is significant, as it is one of the few truly memorable moments from the New Survivor era. Some fans may point to Shan Smith's vote failure in Survivor 41, and Maryanne Oketch's terrific performance Eliminate Omar Zaheer in Survivor 42, thinking they're equally influential. However, it seems indisputable that the Cody-Jesse Tribal Council will be remembered as one of the most legendary moments in the show's history. It wouldn't be surprising to see this moment referenced alongside other iconic Survivor events, such as Erik Reichenbach's blunder, Sue Hawk's "rat and snake" speech, or Kelley Wentworth's Second Chance Idol play.

Overall, Cody-Jesse Tribal Council proved that Survivor still has the potential to be one of the most engaging shows on television. While New Era has struggled to find its footing, the format clearly still has value, even after 22 years of operation. With Survivor 43 recently wrapping up, season 44 promises to keep the enthusiasm that Cody and Jesse inspired among the Survivor fanbase fresh.

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