How Dubai's stars are spending Christmas break 2022

Dubai Bling is the guilty pleasure of reality TV fans this year. Let's take a look at how the cast members are celebrating Christmas 2022.

With Netflix's new reality show Dubai Bling wildly popular with viewers, it's time to see how these fan-favorite stars are celebrating the 2022 Christmas break. Released in October 2022, Dubai Bling quickly became reality show viewer guilt. The show showcased the lavish lives of 10 billionaires living in Dubai. High-rated drama and small-time action, viewers also get a glimpse of Dubai's glamorous nightlife, skyscrapers, high-end fashion, luxury cars and more. Dubai Bling appeals to most viewers who are already fans of similar series Bling Empire.

Viewers enjoy watching the lavish lives of celebrity social circles on Dubai Bling. The show ended a long time ago, but fans are following the star on social media for regular updates. The Dubai Bling stars recently celebrated Christmas with friends and family and posted all about it on their respective Instagram pages. Cast members always try to impress audiences with flashy parties and events, and this Christmas is no exception. Let's take a look at how Dubai Bling stars are celebrating Christmas in 2022.

Dubai Bling’s Loujain Adada Celebrated Christmas With Family

Loujain Adada is the second richest actor in Dubai Bling and She's the kind of girl who always does big things, especially around the holidays. Loujain has two beautiful daughters with her late husband Walid Juffali. She always takes time to celebrate different occasions with her family of three. Recently, Loujain shared heartwarming photos and videos of Christmas celebrations with her daughters on her Instagram. She ate dinner with them, played games with Santa, and danced a little. "You are all I want for Christmas," Loujain wrote in her post.

Dubai Bling’s Zeina Khoury & Safa Siddiqui Celebrated Christmas Together

Real estate queen Zeina Khoury and fashionista Safa Siddiqui throw Christmas party with family. Safa recently became a mother for the second time and can't contain her excitement to celebrate Christmas 2022 with her baby princess. Safa shared a photo with her two children at Christmas, writing in the post: "Christmas is a bit expensive this year, happy holidays." Zeina, however, posted a photo with her A photo of good friend Safa at the Christmas party, with the text saying: "Santa Claus said that we are on the list this year, what qualifications do we have to argue with Santa Claus, Merry Christmas everyone."

Dubai Bling’s Farhana Bodi Wished Fans A Merry Christmas From Paris

Social media influencer Farhana Bodi did not publish too much content About her Christmas celebration on Instagram. However, Farhana may be in Paris over Christmas. Still, she posted a photo of her in Paris, wishing fans a Merry Christmas. Farhana wore a silver gown and wrote in her post: "Merry Christmas." All in all, the Dubai Bling stars had a merry Christmas in 2022.

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