History of the World Part II images reveal sequel to Mel Brooks film

New World History, Part Two pictures reveal Nick Kroll, Wanda Sykes and Ike Barinholtz in the upcoming sequel to Mel Brooks' 1981 comedy classic.

Newly released images from History of the World, Part Two reveal the sequel to the beloved Mel Brooks film. Released in 1981, the original comedy film "History of the World," Part One retells historically significant events through humorous fictional vignettes. Written and directed by Brooks, the film covers the Stone Age, the Old Testament, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution. In his first film role, Brooks joins an ensemble cast that includes Dom DeLuise, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Sid Caesar and Gregory Hines.

Entertainment Weekly shared new images from the upcoming "History of the World" Part 2, the sequel to the first "History of the World". Starring Big Mouth's Nick Kroll, Two Others' Wanda Sykes and Afterparty's Ike Barringholtz, these stills reveal several time periods covered in the upcoming TV series, including the Russian Revolution With Barinholtz as Leon Trotsky, Shirley Chisholm (Sykes) running for the 1972 presidential election, and an unknown time period, Kroll, Sykes and Barinholtz serve as figure skating commentators. Check out the History of the World, Part 2 image below: ^While Brooks' original film is marked as Part 1, he has no plans to make one sequel. Like his sci-fi spoof Spaceball, a sequel was teased but never intended. Instead, he borrowed the title from Volume 1 of Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the World. Four decades later, however, Hulu is producing a sequel series for its streaming service, with Brooks, 96, back as writer and executive producer.

Everything We Know About The History of the World Part II

The upcoming Hulu series will consist of eight episodes covering various periods in world history, including Events before and after the events of the original movie. In addition to the Russian Revolution and Shirley Chisholm's presidential campaign, the new show will feature sketches from the time the pyramids of Giza were built in Egypt and the American Civil War. With much of the remaining time period being kept under wraps, fans can only speculate on which moments in human history the upcoming sequel series will cover. The series could use its format to look back at Brooks' work, and if the show explores the American West and medieval England, it could crossover with the likes of Blazing Saddles and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

A History of the World, Part 1 ends with a preview of the fictional sequel Movies, sports scenes from different periods, including Hitler on ice in World War II, Viking funerals in the Viking Age, and the futuristic period of Jews in space. It's unclear if any of the events covered in the man-made attraction will appear in the new series. However, the cast as an ice skating commentator may have hinted at Hitler's sketches on ice. History of the World, Part II is expected to premiere on Hulu this spring.

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Source: EW

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