High Life: Who Plays Each Boss (And Where You Know Them) [Exclusive]

High on Life, a zany shooter about talking guns, has a star-studded cast, and some fans may be wondering who plays the game's boss.

Comedy shooter High on Life is a fun romp for a lot of reasons, not least its smart script with a star-studded cast. Justin Roiland's latest Squanch Games project puts skilled comedians and voice actors in every character, from sentient Gatlian guns and bosses, to random NPCs encountered throughout the game. With such a diverse cast, players might have a hard time figuring out where they recognize certain voices in the game, especially those playing the leaders of the G3 cartel.

At the heart of High on Life's stupid shot is the G3 cartel's invasion of Earth, where they harvest humans - the latest interstellar drug craze. Players take on the role of bounty hunters, tracking down each of the G3's main bosses in order to save the planet from destruction. While the actor behind the game's conscious shootout has been detailed before, Screen Rant can now also exclusively reveal the actor behind High on Life's boss.

High On Life's 9-Torg Is Seasoned Voice Actress Jennifer Hale

Mantis-like boss 9-Torg is played by veteran voice actress Jennifer Hale, who has voiced the character for over 20 years. She has appeared in several TV cartoons in memorable roles, from From Ms. Keen in The Powerpuff Girls to Kyoko in The Legend of Korra and Cinderella in Ralph Breaks the Internet. While working to defeat 9-Torg in High on Life, players may also recognize her voice from video games like Mass Effect, where Hale voices the female commander Shepard, and as Bayonetta's new ally in Bayonetta 3. sound.

Krubis Is Voiced By TV Actor Echo Kellum In High On Life

Very Angry Krubis is voiced by Echo Kellum, who has dabbled in comedic roles as well as more dramatic ones throughout his career. Kelham is probably best known for his role as Curtis Holt, also known as Mr. Fantastic, on the DC TV show Arrow and spin-offs such as Legends of Tomorrow. He also voiced characters like Jessica's ex-boyfriend Brad in Rick and Morty and had small roles in live-action comedies like You're the Worst.

The Iconic Tom Kenny Voices High On Life's Douglas

Of every G3 Cartel member on High on Life, Douglas' voice is perhaps the most recognizable due to the actor's prolific work in the industry. The tentacled villain is played by Tom Kenny, best known for voicing SpongeBob SquarePants, but his role is so much more than that. Throughout his career, Kenny Hear from the Ice King from Adventure Time, Dr. Otto Octavius ​​from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, and Squanchy from Rick and Morty, among many others. In terms of video games, Kenny has also played characters like Spyro and Rabbit in Kingdom Hearts III throughout the series.

High On Life's Skrendel Brothers Have Three Different Actors Behind Them

It can be a bit tricky for players to defeat the Skrendel Brothers in High on Life, as the fight consists of each brother individually, then all together a second time. Of these three actors, players may easily recognize at least one of them, Justin Roiland (Justin Roiland), who, in addition to voicing Gatlian Kenny (Gatlian Kenny) in the game, also appeared in the cartoon of the same name. The film stars Rick and Morty and has other memorable characters, such as Adventure Time's recurring Count Lemon. Additionally, he previously led Squanch Games' last project, Trover Saves the Universe, where he voiced the protagonist, Trover.

The other two actors may be less familiar to players, as they have worked more on the writing side of their careers. Their names are Ryan Ridley and Abed Gheith, and they've both written episodes of Rick and Morty. Great acting, Ridley has also played different small roles in many movies Roiland has led projects such as Rick and Morty, Solar Opposition and the hilarious Trover saves the universe. Gheith's list of acting roles is small, but he's played the janitor on Community and has a recurring appearance on the classic web series Yacht Rock.

Dr. Giblets Is Played By The Hilarious Kevin McDonald In High On Life

Accomplished comedian Kevin McDonald is perfect for Dr. Giblets' wacky and unexpected boss fight. MacDonald first became known for being a founding member of the sketch group Kids in the Hall and a cast member of the subsequent television series of the same name, and also played Mr. Medulla on Sky High and appeared in shows like Seinfeld's famous episodes "The Strike", widely known as a Festivus episode. He also has many memorable voice roles, including Agent Wendy Pleakley in the Lilo and Stitch series and Waffle in Catscratch.

High On Life's Nipulon Comes From Experienced Actor James Urbaniak

Actor James Urbaniak is another High on Life voice actor that may sound familiar to many players. He has worked in film and television for decades, starring in the Simon Grim trilogy - featuring Henry Fool, Fay Grim and Ned Rifle - among other films , such as "Where are you going", "Bernadette". he played memorable tv roles Such as Dwight's strange friend Rolf in The Office and Arthur Tucker in Difficult People, and starred as Dr. Adventure and adventurous brother Jonas and villain Phantom in the animated series Adventure Brothers.

Garmantuous Is Played By Podcaster Hal Lublin In High On Life

Garmantuous, the supreme leader of the G3 Cartel and the game's final boss, played by voice actor and podcaster Hal Lublin. The man behind one of the toughest High on Life bosses is likely best known for his extensive work in podcasting, notably recurring Steve Carlsberg on "Welcome to Night Vale" and "Crazy Adventure Time." Various characters in the series. He also played roles in The Venture Bros. TV series and the animated film Mighty Magiswords.

One of the best parts of High on Life is hearing the Gatterian's commentary as the game's story unfolds, especially during the game's boss battle. Every G3 leader in the game feels unique in its own way, not only in fighting style but also in personality. While this is partly due to the game's excellent writing, it also proves These actors in High on Life.

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