Has Evil Dead launched an Ash Williams replacement?

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise has been released, finally unveiling the replacement for the series' most beloved and iconic protagonist, Ash Williams.

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise is out now, and it may have just shown off the long-awaited replacement for Ash Williams. Ash Williams was the main character in the original Evil Dead movies, and Bruce Campbell played the awesome chainsawman throughout the original trilogy as well as in the spin-off series Ash vs Evil Dead. Ash's personality and Bruce Campbell's goofy performance made the original Evil Dead movie so popular. After the 2013 reboot lost the fun of the series, Evil Dead Rise's new protagonist may be preparing to fill a gray hole in viewers' hearts.

Evil Dead Rise is the fifth film in the Evil Dead series and the second reboot after 2013's Evil Dead, which was well received by critics and longtime fans alike. Evil Dead Rise follows a single mother who becomes possessed by The Evil Dead's iconic demons, the Deadites, and leads her young children in a battle against dark spirits that have overtaken their mother. There are still many lurking questions about Evil Dead Rise, including whether it will take more inspiration from the original series or the reboot. Some viewers wish Ash could Made a cameo appearance in Evil Dead Rise - but he's been replaced.

Why Beth Replaces Ash In Evil Dead Rise

The first trailer for Evil Dead Rise introduces a new character named Beth, played by actress Lily Sullivan. In the film, Beth is the sister of the mother possessed by the Deadites, and Beth tries to protect the young children from the demonic mother. Evil Dead Rise will provide the franchise with an Ash replacement in the form of Beth, as the new character bears an uncanny resemblance to her predecessor. While the Evil Dead Rise trailer doesn't give many hints about Beth's story, there's one shot that proves she's the perfect sequel to Ash Williams.

Near the end of the Evil Dead Rise trailer, Beth can be seen comforting one of her nieces before deciding to protect her. Bloodied, Beth picks up a spinning chainsaw, presumably ready to attack her best friend. Beth's bloodied face and frenzied expression bear a clear resemblance to Ash's, with both characters completely devastated by the horrors they've been exposed to. Beth's weapon also continues the Evil Dead trend, as the chainsaw is Ash William's signature weapon of choice. evil death rises seems to be setting up Beth as the new series protagonist, and in doing so, it's getting some serious notes from Ash Williams.

Will Ash Williams Appear In Evil Dead Rise?

Some viewers have been praying that Evil Dead Rise will finally see Ash Williams return to the Evil Dead series. Bruce Campbell's return to Ash Williams' stance has been untraceable in recent years as his stance keeps changing. Originally, Bruce Campbell stated that he would no longer play Ash Williams after the 2018 spin-off Ashes vs. Reaper was cancelled. Campbell has not played Ash since. However, Ash's cameo in Evil Dead Rise isn't out of the question.

Bruce Campbell is no stranger to cameos, as he played Ash Williams in the 2013 Evil Dead end credits credits. Although he says he's done with the role, Campbell claims he'll be involved in several potential projects, including a Dark Legion sequel and a crossover between the original Evil Dead film and the 2013 reboot series. Campbell is even currently planning to voice Ash in the animated revival of Ash vs Evil Dead. Although Due to Bruce Campbell's track record, there are currently no plans for Ash to make a live-action appearance, and a cameo in Evil Dead Rise seems likely.

Does Evil Dead Rise Take Place In The Same Timeline As The Previous Movies?

Somewhat unexpectedly, Evil Dead Rise actually takes place in the same timeline as the original Evil Dead trilogy. According to Slash Film, The Evil Rises director Lee Cronin confirmed that the film is a cosmic story, though The Evil Rises follows different characters in different locations. This makes a cameo by Ash Williams even more likely, since he's known to exist somewhere in the universe. Even though Beth is Evil Dead Rise's version of Ash, it'll be interesting to see the two end up working together.

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