Green Goblin Cosplay Is An Armor Upgrade Too Bold For The MCU

The Green Goblin menaced Spider-Man on and off screen, and now the cosplay shows why fans should see a fresh take on him in the MCU.

The Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man's most persistent and dangerous foes, appearing in the comics, most recently in the Marvel Universe's Spider-Man: Nowhere to Return. And now, fans and studios alike shouldn't ignore a new cosplay that's making even the acclaimed live-action adaptation a hit at the box office.

Norman Osborn grew up in relative poverty, the son of a failed businessman and inventor who swore he would never be as powerless as his father. After graduating with a degree in chemical engineering from Empire State University, he grew his business, Oscorp, from the ground up by ruthlessly crushing competitors and even striking deals with a veritable devil. Not content with financial success, Osborn also wanted to rule the criminal underworld, creating an alter ego from childhood nightmares and becoming the Green Goblin. His goal is to defeat Spider-Man, believing that eliminating him will prove to New York's gangsters that he is at the top of the food chain. Unfortunately, Osborn's new persona, along with the goblin formula he developed, slowly drove him insane, leading to a split personality. this only makes Villains are more dangerous and unpredictable.

Green Goblin has gone through several different looks over the years - including his current incarnation, Gold Goblin - but artist, cosplayer and author The Freakish Workshop brings back the classic purple with a cosplay design showcased on their Instagram and green styling for a cool, modern aesthetic. The bright purple body armor is embellished with emerald scales at the shoulders, hips and knees for a striking and instantly recognizable look. The most impressive aspect, however, is the goblin helmet, an emotionless robot-like face made even more ferocious by sharp fangs and gleaming golden eyes. The armor comes with a row of spikes and pumpkin bombs.

This Green Goblin Cosplay Is a Perfect Blend of His Comics and Movie Looks

With stunning photography from Dark Forest Photographic, The Freakish Workshop showcases this stunning costume from every angle. The most striking feature is the armor's metallic sheen. The scales shone brightly in the light, and the purple armor even had a sheen that oscillated between indigo and green. It's details like these that push this RPG to challenge any on-screen appearance Leprechaun has yet to show.

in Sam Raimi The Green Goblin in the Spider-Man movies is brilliantly played by Willem Dafoe, but unfortunately, his costume leaves something to be desired. Straight green armor with an oversized helmet makes this villain less of a threat than he should be. When Dafoe reprises the role in Spider-Man's latest MCU outing, his costume is updated to lose his helmet and end up with a splash of purple in the form of a tattered hood. The look is more menacing, but still not the comic-accurate outfit many fans crave.

This is why Marvel has to pay attention to the work done by cosplayers like The Freakish Workshop. Norman Osborn has never looked better, and with the promise of more MCU Spider-Man movies in the future, fans still have a chance to see the Green Goblin, which better blends live-action aesthetics and comics General look, just like this cosplay does.

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