Grace wants Southern Hotel co-star to be held accountable for actions

Grace Lilly wants her Southern Hospitality partners to be as accountable for their actions as she and her partner Mikel Simmons.

Grace Lilly is upset to see her Southern hospitality partners get away with bad behavior while she and Mikel Simmons have to deal with the consequences. The Southern Charm spinoff recently paused showing Joe Bradley's unrequited love for Maddi Reese and refocused on Grace and Mia Alario ) of discord. Grace admits she was triggered when she saw someone she liked dating Mia's friend instead of her, prompting her to humiliate the friend. She later apologized, but then continued to disrespect Mia and her friends. Towards the end of the episode, Leva Bonaparte confronts her staff about an inappropriate social media post Grace was involved in.

However, Grace felt that her co-stars were not responsible for their actions, except for Mikel. During the episode, Grace tweeted, "I swear @iammikelsimmons, I'm the only person on this show who is responsible for our actions... let's get a damn break. None of us are perfect. #SouthernHospitality." Grace tweeted about how the cast treated Mia when she was upset about her friend's situation. She may also be referencing an episode earlier in the season when her cast members criticized her for overly sexy posts Photos of her on social media.

Maddi & Joe Don't Face The Same Backlash

Mikel also faced a lot of opposition. He was initially fired from Leva's nightclub, Republic Garden & Lounge, for working for a competitor. Fortunately, he has been brought back. Southern Hospitality's Joe didn't face the same backlash for bad-mouthing Maddi's boyfriend, Trevor, even though he said more negative things about him than Grace said about Mia's friend. Maddi also hasn't been criticized for getting back with Trevor despite him cheating on her in their previous relationship. Mia responded to Grace's tweet, writing, "I literally said 'get her to relax' on the boat, but that's ok!" Grace admitted as much, but thought things got more serious later in the evening. bad.

Grace's displeasure is understandable. This happens with many reality TV shows when certain stars are held accountable and others are not. It makes great TV shows have villains on the show and characters that viewers can relate to. However, it's frustrating for the cast members of Southern Hospitality who aren't getting their fair share of it. Grace's words and actions are both wrong, but she admits to being insecure, and Mia can even understand where she comes from. Unfortunately, Her other partners didn't have it so easy for her.

Grace has a lot to do, and while she spends a lot of time partying and creating drama, it's good for her to have some time for herself. She needs to address her own insecurities instead of lashing out at other women. Sometimes the backlash and being held accountable is a great learning experience, one that she probably needs more than any other cast member. Still, everyone at Southern Hospitality has a lot to learn. Maybe Grace can point that out to them.

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Southern Hospitality airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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