Glass Onion's COVID-19 scene actually made the movie better

With the film set up during the Covid pandemic, here's how Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery sets up its premise and character personalities.

As it turns out, fully embracing the COVID-19 pandemic helped The Glass Onion: Mystery of Into the Wild stand out. With the success of Knives Out, director Rian Johnson had to give protagonist Benoit Blanc a fitting follow-up mystery. Putting this world-class detective on a journey into the unknown alongside the rest of society puts Benoit in a unique and unforgettable situation.

While some films may choose to address or ignore the situation entirely, The Glass Onion makes the pandemic a central part of its story. The team that had to travel to such remote places to party suddenly seemed more logical, and viewers might understand their desperation to leave quarantine on some level. Many of the film's subtle details are a result of the pandemic backdrop, which helps The Glass Onion stand out from its predecessors.

The Pandemic Helped Show Each Glass Onion's Character’s Personality

Glass Onion has a diverse cast of characters, each with a strong personality and influence. At the beginning of the movie, each character receives an invitation to Miles' puzzle box. Gov. Claire Debella received her package during an interview about her Senate campaign at her home office and showed enough awareness to cover her face when the door was answered . exist Meanwhile, Hollywood socialite Birdie Jay was seen flouting quarantine rules at a busy party. The film immediately sets the tone, with Claire as someone who likes to play by the rules for the sake of her reputation, while Bertie lives in her own circle, regardless of what people think of her.

Before the Glass Onion boards a boat bound for Miles' remote island in Greece, the characters meet at the pier wearing masks. Scientist Lionel Toussaint is appropriately masked, while men's rights activist Duke Cody and his girlfriend Whiskey don't wear masks at all. Lionel's diligence matches his methodical, logical career, while Duke and Whiskey's choice dovetails with the intriguing nature of their YouTube channel. Seeing how each character abides by the rules of the pandemic provides a clear explanation of their characterization without the need for a glass onion.

How Covid Played Into Benoit Blanc's Work

Described as "the last gentleman detective", Benoit is portrayed as a master detective in Operation Wilderness. Incredibly smart and insightful, he never shied away from difficult cases and would always go all out to find the answers. At the beginning of the movie, Benoit appears in Play Among Us with some of Glass Onion's celebrity cameos over a Zoom call in the shower. For a detective as driven as he is, the indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic is likely to leave him restless about cases.

When Helen Brand approached Benoit to solve the murder of her twin sister Andi, he listed the many difficulties of the case. After some internal debate, he makes Helen the dangerous proposition of impersonating her sister at a Greek island party, even saying he can't guarantee her safety. Benoit includes that the initial quarantine period of the pandemic was probably the biggest break from work for most people. Even with the complicated nature of Andi's murder in Glass Onion, Benoit's job interruption has him on edge, which explains why he's willing to take on such a risky case no matter the outcome.

Glass Onion Was A Commentary On Real Life Celebrities

Glass Onion is a very explicit commentary on the lives of celebrities and influencers. In addition to the fact that each Glass Onion character has a similar real-life counterpart, the group's actions during the pandemic mirror what's happening in real life. See a bunch of rich people with privilege get up and leave Quarantines for gatherings on remote islands are eerily similar to criticisms that have occurred during the pandemic. For professionals of integrity like Claire and Lionel, the reluctance to testify against Miles was partly the result of exposure of their quarantined whereabouts. They end up having a change of heart, putting their reputations at risk and reflecting on the consequences that real celebrities face during this time.

Rian Johnson's decision to incorporate the Covid quarantine period into the film sets up most of the film's central plot with logical explanations. From Glass Onion's Birdie to Lionel, the characters in this group vary in their careers and personalities, and their every response to the pandemic reveals their details without needing to be spelled out. The Glass Onion: Knockout Mystery stands up to Knockout with the film's pandemic backdrop, delivering a unique sequel and another memorable installment in the Benoit Blanc saga.

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