Gladiator 2 is looking for a main cast as development picks up pace

A new report suggests that director Ridley Scott is currently searching for a lead actor in Gladiator 2, the long-awaited sequel to his 2000 hit.

More than 22 years after his original film, development on Gladiator 2 is ramping up, with director Ridley Scott reportedly on the hunt for a starring role. After the first Gladiator, which starred Russell Crowe as Maximus, a soldier-turned-slave who fights to avenge his family, proved popular, the sequel has struggled to get success. A script for the project apparently featured Maximus reincarnated as a warrior at various times throughout history, but the movie never came to fruition. However, in late 2021, Scott revealed that a new script for Gladiator 2 had been completed and that he planned to direct it.

Now, more than a year after Scott revealed that the Gladiator 2 script had been written, a new report from Puck News indicates that the director is looking for a lead actor for the sequel. Other details about the project, such as its plot or whether Crowe will return, are still unknown, but the latest report is a promising step toward the movie actually going into production. Despite Scott's apparent enthusiasm for Gladiator 2 and the momentum seems to be building, the film has yet to be officially greenlit.

Could Gladiator 2 Film In 2023

Although Scott Casting for the project may be on the way, but there's still no guarantee that Gladiator 2 will actually be on camera this year. Aside from the fact that a sequel hasn't been greenlit yet, it's unclear if Scott has a time frame. The director is currently in post-production on Napoleon, his historical biopic starring Joaquin Phoenix as the titular French emperor, but he's also directing and executive producing a film called The Sunken Spring. new episodes of . In addition to The Sunken Spring, Scott also worked on The Queen and the Country, an action thriller currently in early development. Despite being tied to multiple projects, including another unnamed Alien prequel, it's certainly possible that Gladiator 2 will take precedence over Scott.

Unfortunately, reports that Scott is looking for a starring role do not say if Crowe will return. Maximus may have died by the end of the first film, but it's possible the actor will somehow be resurrected in the sequel, at least one scrapped Gladiator 2 script used supernatural means to facilitate the character's resurrection . If Crowe does return, the actor's schedule could prevent Gladiator 2 from filming this year. Crowe is currently scheduled to appear in Sleeping Dogs, Rothko and American Son, all of which are currently in pre-production.

Gladiator 2 Release Date Possibilities

Although Gladiator 2 still has many hurdles to overcome, it is possible that the project will shoot later this year. After all, Scott is known for making movies fairly quickly. Some unconfirmed reports say it could be released this May, which means audiences could see the film as early as sometime next year. However, if it doesn't shoot this year, Gladiator 2 is more likely to hit theaters in 2025 or later. While many questions remain, Scott's long-awaited sequel is now closer than ever to becoming a reality.

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