Gary Larson highlights biggest far end mistakes fans make

Gary Larson's Far Side comic didn't make a mistake, and as the legendary cartoonist pointed out, fans found several mistakes after publication.

While Gary Larson's legendary comic strip "The Far Side" has long been known for its inventive and thought-provoking storytelling, the artist and writer has noted how fans have discovered He totally missed a few wrong ones. Reflecting on his storied career, Larson writes that he received many letters from readers after some of his comics went wrong when they were printed — showing that even someone as talented as a cartoonist can make mistakes .

In The Prehistory of The Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit by Gary Larson, he discusses some of the mistakes he made throughout his career, saying he made some mistakes in the comics that he didn't realize until after the comics were published arrived. These include "Sleigh Chickens of the North" from his Far Side comic strip, in which a chicken pulls a man on a sled. Larson pointed out a small flaw in the cartoon: the chickens weren't strapped in, meaning they weren't attached to the sled.

Gary Larson's Far Side Strip Made Several Errors That Were Pointed Out To Him

Some of the mistakes in Far Side are less obvious, as Gary Larson wrote after a reader pointed out that one of his cartoons about a gorilla picking bananas had mistakes in the fruit on the tree . this Fan reminded Larson that bananas don't grow the way he paints them, because they are upside down in his work. While Larson admits he wants to forget about the little mistake, the "truth" is that it really annoys him when he makes a mistake like drawing a banana.

Since Gary Larson was passionate about biology and science, the distant cartoonist's use of animals in his comic strips meant that he sometimes received messages from real scientists about making mistakes. For example, in a cartoon depicting a polar bear and a penguin on a patch of ice, Larson received letters from several scientists who told him that polar bears are strictly an Arctic species, while penguins are an Antarctic species, meaning they don't coexist in nature. This isn't the only time those with a passion for wildlife have written to Larson about the inaccuracy that two mosquitoes have been called out because male mosquitoes don't bite as the comics suggest.

Ultimately, mistakes do happen, even for someone as acclaimed as Gary Larson. Thankfully, none of the bugs in Far Side listed above are serious enough to cause anything other than confusion for readers. Still, it's kind of annoying to get letters from readers pointing out mistakes Creator of Far Side, because many of the comic strips are fantastical, far-fetched scenarios featuring animals - even if the annotations are accurate.

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