FOX Special Forces: Dr. Drew Pinsky's Age, Bio and Instagram

Special Forces at FOX is a new celebrity social experiment that tests physical and psychological limits. Learn more about contestant Dr. Drew Pinsky.

G.I.O.: World's Toughest Test is a new celebrity social experiment designed to test the physical and mental limits of its celebrity roster, and fans want to get to know more about recently eliminated contestant Dr. Drew Pinsky. The focus of the show is not on competition or voting, but on the survival and willpower of the participants. Celebrities and spectators alike will witness an intense experience.

16 Celebrities Spotlight on Special Forces Season 1. Led by a group of former elite soldiers, the actors will complete a series of challenging missions designed to test their stamina, strength and determination. Based on real military training, these missions push contestants to their limits. The ultimate goal of the group is to complete all 10 days of the program without quitting.

On Day 1, Dr. Drew (No. 3) joined child star Jamie Lynn Spears, former Olympian Gus Kenworthy, NBA superstar Dwight Howard and more. When the task was to jump out of a helicopter head-first, Dr. Drew succeeded. However, he fell ill immediately thereafter and was taken to hospital for medical evaluation. In Special Forces premiere, Dr. Drew ends up suffering extreme Heat exhaustion and was ejected from the game for medical reasons. Before his exit, Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin experienced an "injury locker" during her helicopter freefall.

Dr. Drew Pinsky's Age, Hometown, Bio & Career

Dr. Drew Pinsky is 64 years old and grew up in Pasadena, CA. He studied biology at Amherst College before earning his MD from the Keck School of Medicine of USC. While in medical school, he served as a radio host on KROQ-FM's nightly show "Ask the Surgeon." In 1995, MTV hit the national market with Loveline, a relationship and medical advice radio show hosted by Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. Dr. Drew and his wife Susan are parents to triplets: Douglas, Jordan and Paulina. In 2021, he revealed his prostate cancer diagnosis, during which time he raised his intention to undergo radiation therapy.

Dr. Drew Starred On The Masked Singer in 2019

Dr. Drew covers all aspects of pop culture media. After serving as the "Health and Relationships" expert on the premiere season of "Big Brother," he hosted several shows. Dr. Drew hosts Celebrity Rehab with Drew and Sober House, two shows that document the daily lives of celebrities in recovery and sober living facilities He Also featured on HLN's Dr. Drew On Call. Additionally, he played the role of "The Eagle" in 2019's The Masked Singer. Dr. Drew appears frequently on television and podcasts to provide medical advice.

Dr. Drew Flaunts Over 277,000 Instagram Followers

Fans can follow the Special Forces star on his Instagram @drdrewpinsky. "What I'm here to say is that this is probably the most intense thing I've ever been through in my life," Dr. Drew teased the show in a recent post. His account mainly showcases his TV shows and daily activities. Dr. Drew has over 275,000 followers on the platform. While fans will miss Dr. Drew from G.I. Ops, it's still fun to see him on the show.

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Two-Hour Special Forces: World's Toughest Test Series Premieres Now on Hulu. New episodes air every Wednesday on FOX.

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