Foundation Season 2 Trailer Shows Sci-Fi Show's Epic Scope

Apple TV+ has released a trailer for Season 2 of The Foundation, showing off the epic scope of the series, which is based on a short story by Isaac Asimov.

The Foundation season 2 trailer teases that the new season will continue the sci-fi series' epic scale. Coming to Apple TV+ in 2021, the series was created by Man of Steel writers David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman, with Robin Asimov executive producing. Loosely based on a short story by her father, Isaac Asimov, the show follows a group of rebels trying to overthrow the interstellar empire, and stars Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Lobell, Leah Harvey, Laura Byrne, Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton.

Today, Apple TV shared the official trailer for the upcoming Foundation season 2. Clips from the new season (including several breath-taking, otherworldly splendors) are intertwined with a dramatic re-entry in a human pod, highlighting the human element in telling this saga. The trailer's voiceover pokes fun at the fact that, despite the harrowing first season's long journey, "the mission is only just beginning." Check out the trailer below:

What To Expect From Foundation Season 2

While the AppleTV+ shows are only loosely based on Asimov's stories, they can still provide some blueprint for what to expect from Foundation Season 2. most likely drawing From the 1942 short story "The Mayors," which tells the story of Salvo Harding (Harvey's very different character from the book) as he becomes mayor of Terminus. As teased in the Foundation Season 2 trailer, "The Second Crisis Begins," likely referring to a brand new attack on the Foundation by Anacreon, with factions within Terminus advocating militarization for their own protection .

So far, all of the main cast have been confirmed to return for Foundation season 2, with the exception of Chipo Chung, who voices Deliverance OS. The cast will also receive ten new characters played by performers including Bend It Like Beckham's Kulvinder Ghir, The Wheel of Time's Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Sweetheart's Ella-Rae Smith, Doctor Who's Dimitri Leonidas, The Crown's Ben Daniels, Mindhunter's Holt McCallany, Thor: Ragnarok's Rachel House, and Homeland's Nimrat Kaur. Joining the cast are Harry Potter alumni Alfred Enoch and Isabella Lauran.

While Season 2 of The Foundation promises to tell an epic sci-fi story, retracing another chapter in the fall of the Empire, it will only tell part of the overall speculative historical narrative. Goyer has revealed, If all goes well, he intends to run the series for eight seasons, which means that by the end of season 2, only a quarter of the entire story has been told. While it's hard to imagine the series lasting that long, it's only three episodes out of the first season's 10 episodes, which probably means the ratings for the Isaac Asimov adaptation are pretty strong, and they Hope they stay that way.

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