FNAF's Chuck E. Cheese Inspiration May Be Bigger Than We Thought

Game theorists revisit the connection between Five Nights at Freddy's and the real-life pizza franchise Chuck E. Cheese in their new FNAF origin theory.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Five Nights at Freddy's series.]

Five Nights at Freddy's fans have been nitpicking every little detail in each game for years, but game theorists speculate that creator Scott Cawthorne borrowed from real-life Chuck E. Cheese More inspiration has been drawn into the creation of the franchise than some may initially think. MatPat's show Game Theory has been infamous for its extensive coverage of FNAF lore since the release of the first game, and his latest theory video will The audience brings back his first-ever FNAF theory, reconsidering how closely Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Co. developed to real events. The history of Chuck E. Cheese, focusing on the initial rivalry and merger between two competing electric pizza chains.

Keeping track of all the FNAF lore can be challenging - as a refresher, here's all of FNAF: Security Breach's ending explained. At the end of Pizzeria Simulator, Afton rounds up all existing Fazbear animations, traps himself and William Afton inside the original FNAF pizzeria, and burns everything to free the murdered child's soul and end the cycle of pain. FNAF: Help Wanted VR introduced GlitchTrap and Vanny, paving the way for FazBear Entertainment's subsequent revival. This results in the construction of a new PizzaPlex And the new GlamRock animatronics On the remnants of the old, William Afton and Afton Amalgamation are still there.

The Game Theorists Connected FNAF & Chuck E. Cheese Once Before

MatPat's theories have been unafraid to turn to obscure sources of knowledge, enlist the help of other players and embrace every possible theory, although not all FNAF theories are canonical. The game theorist's first theory attempts to connect the events of the first Five Nights at Freddy's Games to the real-life shooting that took place at the old Chuck E. Cheese store. However, this original theory was quickly forgotten as FNAF lore became more sophisticated and game theorists started pushing out more FNAF content. Game Theorists laid the groundwork for a future comprehensive FNAF timeline video scheduled for release in late December 2022.

Team Theorist Draws Parallels Between FNAF & Chuck E. Cheese Origin Stories

Team Theorist has been relying on Five Nights at Freddy's novels lately to reveal a great deal of lore, which has proven to be a reliable source - the FNAF novels even hint at the FNAF episode of the Ruin DLC: Security Breach. Taking a step back from delving into the fiction of Afton Amalgamation, Faz-Goo, or Remnant, MatPat finally returns to FNAF's real-life inspiration to clarify events Kickstarting the larger FNAF timeline: Chuck E. Cheese. In their latest theory video, Team Theorist breaks down the FNAF timeline into three main parts: Freddy's Foundation (circa 1980s), Afton Era, and Post-Purple Guy.

The era at Freddy's is based on the initial events of Henry Emily and William Afton getting together in the original Five Nights at Freddy's Location: Freddy's Family Dinner. Several FNAF games granted legend, but subtle differences in the animatronic jaw designs of Mediocre Melodies, Lefty, and Withereds fueled further speculation that Henry Emily and William Afton crafted the technology for rival companies. MatPat recently posted an in-depth study of Chuck E. Cheese on his sister channel, The Food Theorists, prompting his team to delve further into its history. Chuck E. Cheese began as a series of competing animatronic-themed pizza restaurants, Pizza-Time Theater and Showbiz Pizza Palace, which eventually merged and grew into the modern Chuck E. Cheese.

Similarly, the FNAF novel The Puppet Carver features two rival pizza chains that merge to form the well-known Fazbear Entertainment Co. entity. Team theorists believe that Henry Emily designed more realistic animatronics, which arouses Afton's jealousy. When Emily's Pizza Franchise Acquired Afton Their rival went bankrupt, which humiliated Afton, prompting him to kill Henry's daughter in revenge. Five Nights at Freddy's is known for its esoteric details and wacky fan theories, some of which have proven true, so players will have to wait and see how that theory plays out.

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