Flash's Sidekick is a bigger hero than any version of Robin

All of the buddies in the DC universe were heroes in their own way, but only Wally West was a hero before he became a buddy.

Most of the characters in the DC Universe are heroes, especially the sidekicks that help people like Batman or The Flash, but characters like Robin definitely become heroes once they get into character, only Wally West is a hero he ever Put on a mask.

When Dick Grayson appeared on the scene, it caused an explosion of fellow DC and Marvel comics. Once Dick Grayson shows up, everyone needs their own sidekick. Although most of the friends become heroes on their own, few of them become heroes before putting on the mask. On the other hand, Wally West helped save Barry Allen long before Barry manipulated Wally into becoming The Flash.

Readers see exactly what Wolverhampton did before donning the mask in Mark Wade, Brian Augustin, Gil Kane, and Joe Staton's DC Comics Presentation: The Flash's Life Story #1 How heroic Leigh West was. The story tells exactly how Wally first met The Flash and how he gained super speed. But the important detail is their first meeting. Barry tries to stop a group of bank robbers and takes his Watch out for one of them, it's putting him in danger. Seeing this, Wally quickly destroys a fire hydrant, blasting the criminals with water and saving The Flash's life, thus proving that a DC Legacy hero is the best secret weapon.

Wally West Got To Be The Flash's Hero

Almost every sidekick is an amazing hero, but few are able to save their hero's life before donning the mask. Wally West is one of the few exceptions, which proves why he's a better hero than any of the Robins, at least in this regard. There's no denying how heroic Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and even Damian Wayne were, but none of them saved Bruce's life before they became Robin. While the Robins are no better than Wally, Robin is a better hero than Batman, which just goes to show how brave Wally was to save Barry. Wally's behavior is so heroic that they convince Barry to meet Wally privately as a reward. This makes the little boy ecstatic, because he totally adores Barry, and it's this moment that leads to Wally eventually becoming Barry's sidekick. Almost every Robin was initially approached by Batman for the following reasons In fact, some mockingbirds, like Jason Todd, are known not for their heroic qualities, but for their lack of them. Batman fears that due to Jason's homelessness and petty theft, he'll eventually grow up to be a legal criminal without a mentor.

Almost every sidekick in the DC universe becomes a hero, but not all of them are, which is why the original Kid Flash Wally West is a little more heroic than most of his DC sidekicks, including Robbins.

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