Extraction 2 image shows Chris Hemsworth ready to fight

A new image from Extraction 2 shows Chris Hemsworth preparing for a big fight in the sequel to Netflix's original hit 2020 movie.

A brand new image for Extraction 2 has been released, and it shows Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Taylor Rake, getting ready for a big fight. Extraction 2 is the sequel to Netflix's hit movie of 2020, Extraction. Directed by Sam Hargrave, the original tells the story of Tyler Lake, a fearless black market mercenary who, when recruited to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime boss, began the deadliest escape of his career. At the time of its release, Extraction became the most viewed original film in Netflix history, with a reported 99 million households in its first four weeks, according to the streamer.

New stills from Extraction 2 were revealed on USA TODAY's 2023 premiere list. The image shows Chris Hemsworth's Tyler Rake getting ready for a fight. Extraction was highly praised for its intense action and well-choreographed stunt work, especially for a streaming exclusive. This new image heralds more in common with Netflix's upcoming sequel, as it appears the stills are from the same riot-action sequence that Hemsworth previously shared. Check out the new image of Extraction 2 below:

Everything We Know About Extraction 2

Extraction It's a fairly conventional action movie in terms of its story, and for many fans, the action scenes are the film's main highlight. Extraction features impressive one-off action sequences that required a high level of precision from the stunt team and crew. Sam Hargrave's fingerprints can be seen throughout these clips. Hargrave has a long history of delivering entertaining action sequences, including his stints as stunt coordinator and fight coordinator on Marvel's Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Hargrave's expertise pairs perfectly with Chris Hemsworth's brutal fighting style, showcased through the actor's performance in the blockbuster franchise.

Hemsworth and Hargrave will return in Extraction 2, high hopes for sequel. Popular Marvel director Joe Russo penned the original and returned to write the sequel's script. While many viewers considered Extraction's script to be one of the film's weaknesses, Russo said Extraction 2 will be nothing like the original. Visually, Russo noted that the sequel will feature a different color scheme, intended to accommodate the different tones, rhythms, and atmospheres of different parts of the world. Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa to Reprise Their Original Roles Extraction 2, but there will be a new cast for the second time around.

Chris Hemsworth frequently updates Extraction 2's sets, keeping fans' expectations high for the film. Extraction's success, combined with Hemsworth's physical acting prowess, Sam Hargrave's motion expertise, and a brand new script from Joe Russo, make Extraction 2 look like one of the most promising action movies of 2023. Whether the changes to the original film resonate with fans is likely to be the decisive factor in its huge success. Extraction 2 began filming in December 2021 and concluded in March, with a Netflix-exclusive streaming release slated for 2023. ^More: Extraction: Netflix almost made a mistake that would have ruined the movie ^Source: USA TODAY

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