Evil Dead Rise Trailer Trailer Reveals Deadites' Creepy Voices

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell has released a new trailer ahead of the official trailer for Evil Dead Rise, the fifth film in the series.

The much-anticipated return of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's Ghost World is coming, and now the hype has officially begun, with Campbell dropping a teaser ahead of the first official trailer for Ghost Rises. Raimi's 1981 low-budget horror-comedy "Evil Dead" was given an independent life after its smash hit. Three more films and a TV series later, the "Evil Dead" franchise remains a hit thanks to Campbell as the lovable idiot Ash Williams and a fun comedic beat that few horror movies or franchises can replicate. It is one of the most popular works in horror movies.

Bruce Campbell tweeted a trailer for the next installment in the iconic franchise. Naturally, Campbell did some riffing in the video, recalling some memorable moments from the series. While he claims he won't be in the film, he confirmed in the video that his fingerprints will be throughout the project as he serves as executive producer alongside Raimi. Campbell bragged that the movie was fantastic and the scariest movie yet. The trailer shows a little girl approaching a door and looking through a peephole Seeing her mother transform into a Deadite, a parasitic demon that seeks to possess mortal bodies and feed on the souls of creatures.

Everything We Know About Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise is the first Evil Dead project after Ash vs Evil Dead ended. The series on Starz spanned three seasons and 30 episodes before the 2018 finale, leaving a void of Evil Dead content over the past few years. Evil Dead Rise will close that void, and information has trickled down to fans throughout the film's development. It was originally intended to be an HBO Max exclusive, but was later moved to theaters. Bruce Campbell has confirmed he won't be in the film, but he's an executive producer on the project and has a lot of say in production decisions. A big decision was to move the Evil Dead set to Los Angeles instead of the cabin in the woods.

The film will star Vikings standout Alyssa Sutherland, who is seen as the best friend in the trailer. Her youngest daughter, played by Nell Fisher, is also in the trailer Campbell shared. morgan davis of girlfriend experience Mental's Lily Sullivan will also star in Evil Dead Rise. The story of the film revolves around the reunion of sisters Beth and Ellie. Beth visits her older sister, Ellie, and raises the three children alone in their Los Angeles apartment. The sisters' reunion is interrupted by the discovery of the classic Evil Dead Necronomicon, resulting in a demon in flesh and blood. It appears the film will upend the concept of motherhood by introducing unimaginably dire variables into family life.

With this new entry in the legendary horror franchise, Evil Dead fans are in for a lot of big changes. While some fans were disappointed by Bruce Campbell's conspicuous absence in front of the camera, his presence behind the camera should help Evil Dead Rise maintain the same feel as its beloved predecessor. Its move from a streaming exclusive to a theatrical release is equally encouraging, as Warner Bros. seems confident in the project. Evil Dead Rise hits theaters on April 21, 2023, nearly 42 years after the original film.

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