Evil Dead Rise first poster teases a terrible family relationship

Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin has shared the first poster for the upcoming fifth entry in the Evil Dead series, which sees a terrifying connection.

Evil Dead Rise's first poster teases dire family relationships. The upcoming Evil Dead film, which will be the fifth installment in the franchise, was originally slated to release on HBO Max before Warner Bros. Discovery moved it to an August 2022 theatrical release. The film is written and directed by Lee Cronin and stars Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, Gabrielle Echols and Morgan Davis. While Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell won't be returning to reprise his role as Ash Williams, Cronin was handpicked by Sam Raimi, who directed the first three installments of the series, with Campbell serving as an executive producer alongside Raimi. Filmmaker.

Now, Cronin has tweeted the first poster of the film in anticipation of the release of the Evil Dead Rise trailer. While not much is known about the plot at this point, the poster teases that the main character is possessed by Deadites and that the three children have a terrifyingly intimate relationship with their mother. Check out the horror poster below:

How Evil Dead Rise Will Be Different From Previous Installments

Evil Dead Rise will retain many elements from previous films such as the Necronomicon, which gave birth to the flesh-and-blood Deadites, and the creatures themselves, which made the first film a classic The first is horror movies. However, this time around, the "Evil Spirit" series will move away from the classic cabin in the woods, where many of the events in past films have taken place. Instead, Evil Dead Rise will be set in a cramped apartment in Los Angeles, where the main action will take place.

Vikings' Alisa Sutherland as Allie, who is visited by her older sister Beth (Lily Sullivan) in Los Angeles. However, Ellie is soon possessed by the Necronomicon after the Necronomicon is discovered in her apartment. The fact that the movie is set in a modern setting that goes beyond a cabin in the woods means that Evil Dead Rise is free, and its premise is to create a more claustrophobic feeling inside an apartment than in the woods. This could end up being a more atmospheric and tense horror film than Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy, which blended horror, comedy and extreme gore to make the trilogy The song became an instant classic.

Evil Dead Rise will also face the challenge of making a good movie without Bruce Campbell as Ash. When he appeared in the end credits cameo of the 2013 remake of Evil Dead, the actor announced he was stepping down from the role Years after Ash vs. Evil Dead was canceled. It seems that Evil Dead Rise has nothing to do with Ash vs. Evil Dead and the 2013 remake, but rather a completely separate sequel while only keeping certain elements.

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