Every MCU Phase 4 post-credits scene (so far), ranked

The post-credits scene is now expected to be a teaser and teaser for the end of the MCU movie, but some are definitely better than others.

It all started with Samuel L. L. Jackson in 2008, when he first spoke about the Avengers program in the end credits of Man of Steel. To this day, if MCU fans sit patiently in theaters until the credits wrap, they're hoping for a clip from the next movie, or an insider secret about the storyline. The end credits scene wasn't invented or started by the MCU, but they've certainly learned over the years how to master it and use it to their advantage.

It's a collective excitement for fans to experience the post-credits scene, and certainly fuels anticipation for Marvel's upcoming content. Phase 4 is no exception.

Updated by Colin McCormick on January 4, 2022: As the year comes to a close, fans can look back at what will be a big year for the MCU in 2022. Most importantly, the fourth phase of the year is over, but every project, from film to TV series, promises big things to come. Of course, a lot of this teasing comes in the post-credits scene, which is what fans are expecting at this point. Phase 4 provides a variety of these The final scene, from funny to disappointing to exciting. With Phase 4 all wrapped up, fans can take a look back at these MCU post-credits scene rankings.

Hawkeye [Finale]

Of all the new and old MCU characters appearing in the Disney+ Hawkeye series, the strangest appearance comes from the Avengers team itself... played by Rogers' Broadway cast! musical.

Marvel had the opportunity to tease a Hawkeye spinoff or shed more light on Yelena's role in the MCU, but instead they showed fans the closest thing they could get to the MCU in a musical. As interesting as it is, it doesn't provide insight into more MCU happenings.

Loki [Finale]

Hawkeye's post-credits scene is harmless, but Loki's is equally useless. Season 1 was a good introduction to the multiverse and brought into play some of the more comical aspects of Loki as a fan-favorite villain in the MCU. It also took a hard look at the next phase of the MCU.

There is another end-credits scene halfway through the season introducing the Loki variant that will appear in the next episode, which is even more interesting. Still, at least the fan predictions were confirmed and Rocky would return In season 2.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness [Scene 2]

Seeing Sam Raimi return to Doctor Strange's superhero universe in the Multiverse of Madness was long awaited and delivered. Not surprisingly, he brings along frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell, who has guest starred in Pizza Poppa.

After feuding with Strange and being cursed, Pizza Poppa returns at the end of the credits. Campbell breaks the fourth wall to let the audience know that there's a certain charm to the film's end, but it doesn't offer much.

She-Hulk [Finale]

Disney+'s She-Hulk isn't afraid to break many of the rules of MCU storytelling, including surprising endings. However, the final credits scene is far less interesting than the rest of the series.

This scene catches up with Emile Blonsky back in prison when the king comes to release him. Surprisingly Blonsky isn't on the Thunderbolts roster, so that might be an arrangement. Still, it really feels like a loose end tied up at will.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier [Finale]

The end credits scene of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier foreshadows the next Captain America movie. Sharon Carter, Just after she was pardoned, she got a call from a Madriple contact, proving to fans what they already knew, that she was up to no good. She was expelled from the country and became the head of an arms dealer organization.

This has been revealed to fans, and throughout the course of the series, suspicions about her have grown, so this post-credits scene doesn't show fans anything they didn't already know. Still, confirmation that she's a power broker is welcome.

Spider-Man: No Way Home [Scene 1]

In the first of two post-credits scenes for Spider-Man: Homeless, the MCU ties the film to Venom: Carnage's post-credits scene. In Venom, fans witnessed Eddie Brock being brought into the MCU universe, which foreshadowed the events of Nowhere to Return.

However, the only time Venom is mentioned is in a post-credits scene where Eddie Brock is sitting at the bar. When he returns to his own universe, he leaves behind a bit of the Venom symbiote, suggesting that Spider-Man will face off against Venom in the MCU. He doesn't have a major role in the movie, but has hope for the future.

WandaVision [Finale Scene 1]

There are two very important end credits scenes in the finale of the first Disney+ MCU series, WandaVision. In this scene, after the Westview problem is resolved, Monica is called to a local theater by FBI agents. The FBI agent ends up being the Skrull who invites her into space.

The point of this scene is to support Marvel's announcement that Monica will appear in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. While fans already knew the news, so the scene wasn't a huge surprise, it was nice to see it on screen, leaving fans excited to see Captain Marvel on the big screen again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home [Scene 2]

After the credits for Spider-Man: Homeless, Marvel switches to the full trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This isn't the first time Marvel has used the precious end credits to give viewers a full trailer, the last time it was at the end of Captain America.

While this trailer is full of hints of Doctor Strange's storyline in the Multiverse of Madness, including Wanda and her post-WandaVision activities as well as An evil variant of Strange, which appears to be a poor marketing attempt by Marvel on the Sony film. It takes away the fast and tantalizing fun of the normal post-credits formula.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness [Scene 1]

The multiverse chaos caused by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seems to clear up by the end of the film. However, the post-screening scene shows that Strange's troubles are just beginning, while also introducing him to a new ally.

Charlize Theron unexpectedly plays Keri, who has a romance with Strange in the comics. She warns the stranger that his multiverse intervention has caused the invasion, and takes him to a new reality to fix it. This could be the setting for a third Doctor Strange adventure or a larger one.

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings [Scene 2]

When Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings arrive, the end credits scenes of Phase 4 really start to get nicer. After the credits roll and the mid-credits scene plays, the screen opens to show Xia Ling walking through her room in the old Tenth Ring compound. She convinced her brother that she was disbanding the group, but she had other plans.

MCU will definitely show She will return as the leader of the Ten Rings in future films. This epic post-credits scene puts a woman in power, and fans can't wait to see what Xia Ling will do with the ancient group.

What If? [Finale]

What if? The episodes follow the storylines of the most popular superheroes and Marvel characters from different universes. It gives fans a better understanding of the multiverse, which is important given the current MCU era of multiverse saga.

In the end credits scene of the last episode, Peggy Carter takes the serum in place of Steve in an alternate reality when she and Black Widow notice someone in the suit Rogers was wearing when she and Black Widow were at 9 Snake on board. This scene hints that Rodgers may be in the suit, perhaps returning in "What If"? Season 2. It's a tantalizing suggestion, and a really fun way to lead viewers into season two.

Moon Knight [Finale]

Moon Knight is a fascinating new hero in the MCU, whose character's multiple personalities offer a unique perspective. But while Steven Grant and Mark Spector were the main focus for much of the series, the post-credits scene in the finale introduced another character.

Arthur Harrow is ushered into the back of a limousine, and Kong Shu introduces Jack Rockley, the third personality who turns out to be far less heroic. Fans get a glimpse of Oscar Isaac's villainous side when he kills Harrow in cold blood.

Thor: Love And Thunder [Scene 2]

Jane Foster's return to the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder was a huge surprise for many fans. It was thrilling to see her don the mantle of Mighty Thor, but ultimately her storyline was so tragic that she eventually died in Thor's arms.

However, her death was mixed, as the end credits scene gave Jane a happy ending as well as a surprise cameo. Jane boarded Valhalla, the afterlife paradise of the gods, where Heimdall greeted her.

Eternals [Scene 2]

In the second of two end credits scenes for Eternals, fans get a glimpse of Dane's connection to the MCU. He tries to reach for an ancient family sword, hoping to save his girlfriend. Fans also heard a voice telling Dane not to touch the sword, known as the Ebony Blade. the sound is Mahershala Ali plays Blade.

This post-credits scene may be incorporated into the Blade movie, and after Marvel Studios announced it, fans did know it would be incorporated into the Dark Knight storyline. The scene was insightful, funny, and gave fans a glimpse into the future of the MCU.

WandaVision [Finale Scene 2]

In WandaVision's second end credits scene, fans get a glimpse into Wanda's life as she recovers from her Westview experience. Growing in power, she is reaching deeper into the Book of Darkness, a forbidden magic she has yet to discover. This post-credits scene feeds directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, when Wanda hears her children yelling for her, whom she believes have disappeared along with the rest of Westview.

This is also related to her connection to the Mind Stone, showing viewers that Wanda has powers beyond her comprehension, and is indeed more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. This post-credits scene is as mysterious as it is intriguing, and it raises questions that fans will be excited to see answered in upcoming MCU entries.

Black Widow

In Black Widow's only end-credits scene, Yelena stands at her sister's grave, mourning her loss after Endgame. Valentina approaches her who hired her to fight Clint Barton.

This storyline played out in Hawkeye, but the end credits scenes were still just as exciting and really made their mark on the MCU. It hints at the future of the MCU and marks the beginning of Yelena's role in Marvel. It also introduces Valentina as the countess.

Eternals [Scene 1]

This end credits scene is of course a scene from the book. For the latest MCU feature film, The Eternals, director ChloƩ Zhao wanted to include an end-credits scene introducing Cupid, Thanos' younger brother, Starfox.

She also knew she wanted Harry Styles to play the beautiful, cosmic-powered Eternal, who loved adventure and romance, much to the screams of fans in theater. Harry Styles is a great casting choice, and it's exciting to think about how Eros and his trusty friend Pip will make their mark on the future of the MCU. It opened up conversations about a second Eternals movie.

Ms. Marvel [Finale]

Although Kamala Khan proved to be a huge fan of Carol Danvers in Ms. Marvel, she was able to forge her own heroic path in season one. But the end credits scene of the finale Connect with her heroes.

As Kamala fiddles with her bracelet in her bedroom, she suddenly refreshes and appears to switch places with Carol Danvers herself. It was an interesting surprise to see Brie Larson pop up in a cameo and provide a major hint at how the story begins in Marvel.

Thor: Love And Thunder [Scene 1]

Thor: Love and Thunder brings many new gods to the MCU, including the Greek gods. But while Zeus got most of the attention, he helped tease a more exciting addition, Hercules being hinted as Thor's future foe.

There are a lot of great MCU characters being teased in the credits, but this one is especially exciting. Not only does Hercules have strong ties to the Avengers in the comics, but Brett Goldstein has a great cast as well.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

As expected, "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" is an emotional journey, not only a farewell to T'Challa's character, but also to Chadwick Boseman. With all of that in mind, the post-credits scene has such an emotional payoff.

Visiting Nakia, Shuri is introduced to Toussaint, her and T'Challa's son. have There have been some big revelations in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but none quite as impactful as this moment.

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