Every Dungeons & Dragons Spell And Ability Is Laughed In Rogue

Marketing for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has teased some abilities and magic from the game. That's what they are.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Rogues has teased several spells and abilities. Almost every visual on display in the marketing has something to do with the tabletop game's existing power. From the looks of it, each character in the upcoming film will use abilities and spells associated with their respective Dungeons & Dragons class.

Given how close the film is to the source material, it's no surprise that the Dungeons & Dragons films have so many signature spells. In the trailer of "Glory of Thieves" alone, multiple character classes, races, and monsters have been confirmed to appear in the story. Based on the actions previewed in the video, throughout the course of the story, heroes and villains will unleash a long list of spells from the D&D rulebook. Here's every one that's been teased so far.

12/12 Green-Flame Blade

Introduced in Fifth Edition of D&D, Green-Flame Blade is a variant of the classic Flame Blade spell used by druids. Cast by arcane spellcasters, it summons a sword enchanted with powerful green flames. A mysterious figure wields it at the 1:31 mark during the fight in the Underdark.

11/12 Fireball

Fireball, a favorite 3rd level spell for wizards and warlocks in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, befalls the main character at 1:37. In the game, Fireball is very useful due to its wide range of abilities. Once it has an effect, it can be devastating to anyone who is in the vicinity of the attack.

10/12 Shield

What stops the fireball from wiping out the party in the Honor Among Thieves trailer is a protection spell that appears to be a shield. This simple spell, which can be cast by even the weakest mage, creates a wall of energy that protects the caster from physical and magical attacks. It seems like it will act as some kind of force field in the movie.

9/12 Slow

Characters near the beginning of the Honor Among Thieves trailer move in slow motion, appearing to be the result of a commonly used spell called Slow. As the name suggests, it significantly slows the movement speed of the caster's enemies. In the trailer, it doesn't just affect people around the wizard, but also projectiles in the area. This ability prevents the arrow from killing the wizard in the shot.

8/12 Wild Shape

Wild Shape, signed A druid ability that allows the player to transform into one of various animals. It's revealed in the trailer that Sophia Lillis' character's preferred Wild Shape variant is the owl bear. While the Owlbear is an established D&D monster, it's not a form a Druid can take according to the board game rules. For this reason, the presence of Owl Bear is considered the biggest departure from the rules in a D&D movie to date.

7/12 Magic Missile

Magic Missiles, one of the first offensive spells learned by wizards and arguably the most used by lower groups, are a series of energy blasts that bombard a single target. In the trailer, Justice Smith's wizard appears to cast a magic missile at 1:46. Given its popularity in the D&D franchise, it wouldn't be surprising if the Magic Missile was used several times in the Dungeons & Dragons films.

6/12 Pulse Wave

In one scene, Smith's character is seen putting his hands on his head and releasing a powerful wind. This attack is similar to Dungeons & Dragons' Pulse Wave, an arcane spell with a cone-shaped area of ​​effect. It's not as deadly as a fireball, but can be very Effectively increases the distance between the caster and the opponent. The trailer doesn't reveal the reason for using it in the movie, but it's likely that the wizard's intention was to fight off some of his attackers. This makes sense, considering wizards and wizards generally prefer to stay out of melee situations. Sometimes spells like Pulse Wave are needed to keep them at a safe distance from attacking mobs.

5/12 Misty Step

In a fight shown in the trailer, the main villain of Honor Among Thieves uses the Misty Step to avoid an owlbear attack. As the footage shows, Misty Step is a teleportation spell that helps keep wizards out of danger. However, it does have one major limitation: Wizards can't teleport further than they can see. Looking at how the spell is used in the trailer, it looks like the movie will abide by this rule.

4/12 Lightning Bolt

At 1:36, a character is seen casting Lightning Bolt. In Dungeons and Dragons, Lightning has a reputation as a chaotic and extremely dangerous spell that can turn the tide in favor of a party or end their adventure. Since it bounces off the surface, It's hard to predict its exact trajectory. If not used carefully, it has the potential to destroy both sides in a fight.

3/12 Dragon's Breath

Dragons have powerful breath attacks that can destroy groups of adventurers. There are different breath types in the Dungeons & Dragons world, and which one dragons have depends on what kind of dragon they are. For example, a red dragon breathes fire, and a black dragon breathes acid. Both variants are shown in the teaser.

2/12 Dimension Door

At one point in the trailer, Sophia Lillis' tiefling druid is seen entering an invisible portal in the ground and passing from one area to another. By all indications, what tieflings do is use a dimension gate, which takes the caster to an area of ​​their choice as long as it's within 500 feet. Essentially, it's a better teleportation spell than Misty Step. However, it's unclear how the druid casts the gate. In Dungeons and Dragons, this spell is only available to arcane spellcasters such as mages, sorcerers, and sorcerers.

1/12 Bard's Song

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor among Rogues The dumbest ability is the bard's signature power. At the end of the trailer, Chris Pine The character can be seen playing the lute. While this moment is meant for jokes, it's important to note that this has some practicality. Bards have the ability to infuse magic into their songs, meaning that when they play their instruments, their allies receive significant buffs that aid them in battle.

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