Encanto: Mirabell Did Get A Gift During Her Ceremony - Theory Explained

Mirabell didn't receive a gift at the end of Encanto, and she remains the only Madrigal without a gift - or does she? This is theory of Mirabel's Encanto gift.

Even though Encanto made it look like Mirabell was snubbed at Casita's gift-giving ceremony, the character may have secretly possessed a gift all along. So, what is Mirabell's gift? Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) is unlike the rest of her family in Encanto. In the film, the collies are given magical gifts to help the family and their village. For example, Mirabell's sister Luisa (Jessica Darrow) has super strength, while her cousin Dolores (Adasha) has keen hearing. In the film, however, Mirabell doesn't get a gift, which leads to problems in her relationship with Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botro). Alma is constantly worried about losing her magic and disappointing her family and village. So Mirabell was especially upset when she didn't receive a gift on the day of the ceremony.

However, will Mirabelle get a gift? While Mirabel doesn't appear to have received the gift, Encanto may reveal that she always has. In Encanto, idylls hold special ceremonies when family members receive new gifts. The children walked up to Abuela Alma, touched the magic candle, and reached for a magical doorknob that revealed their new room in Casita and their new gift. However, when Mirabell reached for the door during her ceremony, the room disappeared. According to one theory (via Reddit), the door didn't really go away. It literally becomes the front door of the house.

Encanto's Mirabel Had A Gift All Along

So, what is Mirabell's gift? Since Mirabel is following in Abuela Alma's footsteps, the Encanto theory about Mirabel's talent makes sense. At the end of the movie, Alma confesses to Mirabell that when she thought Miracle was in trouble, she asked Pedro for help, and she realized that Pedro sent Mirabell to help her. Like Alma, Mirabell puts others before herself and is willing to make sacrifices for the good of her family and the village. When Mirabel's image appears on the door of the rebuilt house at the end of the film, it's clear that Mirabel will follow Abuela Alma as the head of the family. However, the door to the hut may have been Mirabell's secret door all along. After all, Casita responds to Mirabelle the most in the entire movie.

Although there is evidence that Mirabell's gift door was relocated to the front of the house, the future was never certain. In Encanto, Uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo) has a vision that Mirabel will cause Casita to collapse, but he Tell his niece that her future is not set in stone. Bruno told Mirabell that when he had his own vision, there was "no definite destiny". This revelation means Mirabell's gift door is more likely to change to the front of the house. However, it doesn't have to be there all the time. After all, Mirabel is the one who really makes it happen by putting her family above herself.

Encanto Theory: Mirabel's Ceremony Was A Harsh Personality Dig From Abuela

The premise of Encanto is that Mirabel is searching for her true self, so one interpretation of the scene is that Mirabel doesn't get a gift from Abuela as a slight, implying that she has no defining characteristics. All members of the Madrigal family have different personalities. It's entirely possible that Abuela and her magic candle skip Mirabel, since her personality isn't defined enough. This is backed up by the premise of the coming-of-age story, as the focus is on young Mirabelle as she discovers she doesn't understand who her family is and what is expected of her.

Having said that, it's unlikely that a Disney movie would choose to go that route. Pixar films are often known for telling uplifting stories about the human condition and life's path Find peace and balance. Other Pixar coming-of-age films like Turn Red, Luca, and Inside Out hone in on accepting yourself growing up, and all the struggles that come with that journey. It's unlikely that Encanto would take such a damaging approach, using Mirabel's lack of talent as a sign of a personality flaw.

It is easier to believe that Encanto gave Mirabel an unspoken gift. So theory that she should succeed Abuela does carry some weight. So while there is evidence that Mirabell's talent is the secret front door, the film also shows that Mirabell has no real talent. Instead, she earned the front door of Encanto's house.

Mirabel Doesn't Need A Gift - That's The Point

While many people wonder "What was Mirabell's gift?", the whole point of Encanto is that she didn't get it - and that's okay. As interesting as Mirabell's talent theories are, they completely miss the point of the movie, which is that Mirabell is a talent. In the end, she's the one responsible for bringing the whole family back together and restoring Casita's magic. The movie itself isn't about pastoral superpowers Family owned. Instead, it's the story of a young outsider who risks everything to keep her family together. She reminds her family that they are more than just Madrigal's otherworldly power, and having or not having it doesn't change a person's significance. Mirabell's talent was never intended to manifest, which is why she wasn't explicitly given the gift at the end of Encanto. Rather, Mirabell herself is the gift, thanks to whom the idyll family is reunited.

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