Elden Ring: Pidia, Carian Servant locations and shop items

Pidia is an NPC merchant of the Elden Ring hidden within the Caria estate. To find him, Tarnished must find a secret entrance on the manor's roof.

In Elden Ring, Carian Servant Pidia is a secretive NPC trader who resides on a secluded balcony in the lower level of the estate within the Caria estate. While the humble butler is not hostile to the player, he is undoubtedly in league with the mentor Seluvis, a scheming and arrogant wizard who wants to steal the essence of Ranni for himself. The Tarnished can know this through the Carian guard golems who accompany him on his patio.

Players may find it worthwhile to seek out Pidia's location in Elden Ring, as the NPC sells a variety of high-end and rare items, such as the unique Ash of War and Glintstone Craftsman's Cookbook. However, when exploring large dwellings, Tarnished adventurers will not be able to access Pidia's balcony from within the building he is in. This is because the entrance to the terrace is a hole in the roof of the lower level of the estate, accessible only through the three sisters' sub-area.

Pidia's Location In Elden Ring

There are two routes to Pidia's location on the Elden Ring, but both lead to the same entry point on the roof. The first method is for those who haven't explored Caria Manor and reached the Three Sisters. Caria Manor is a prominent landmark in the north-west corner of Liurnia in the Lake District. Adventurers can reach this location by driving north along the area's Western Highway. Tarnished can enter the road through several points, so there is no need to mention any specific points.

From the main gate of Caria Manor, enter the courtyard and walk towards the central fountain. Go through the archway at the back and head northwest in a small garden. This trail will lead to the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, the area where Pidia is located. Remember, the path to this point is closely guarded by Fingercreepers large and small. Go up the stairwell and across the overpass leading to the elevator on the upper level of the manor. The entire area is also patrolled by the Elden Ring's blue guards.

Next, the Tarnished must enter the Royal Moongazing Grounds, where they must face Royal Knight Loretta in battle. After defeating her, go out the back door on the right and head towards the Three Sisters. Go southwest near the edge of the cliff until you find a lone sky blue scarab. where is this biomarker Tarnished must jump onto the roof to find the jumping puzzle below.

Those who have reached the Three Sisters can also enter Scarab's Little Cliff. The Defilers can exit from Ranni's Rise Tower and head southeast. After carefully dropping onto wooden platforms along the outer wall, the player will eventually reach the opening leading to Pidia's Balcony in the Elden Ring.

What Pidia Sells in Elden Ring

Once the player finally finds Pidia's location in the Elden Ring, they can purchase any or all of the following items. Larval Tears are especially useful if the player wants to reinvent their character:

If the player decides to kill Carian Servant Pidia, he will either drop the Bell Bearing and Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet or the Nepheli Loux Puppet, depending on the player's status in Seluvis position in the questline and whether Nepheli drank the potion.

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