Elden Ring DLC​​: A possible returning supporting character

Future DLC for Elden Ring may see the return of some supporting characters with open questlines or those that have appeared in past FromSoftware DLCs.

Elden Ring has dozens of secondary characters, some of which tie into larger plot threads and even have their own questlines, so it's likely some will reappear in the DLC. Games with open endings are especially compelling, opening up the possibility not only for their return, but also for Elden Ring's DLC to take into account the choices players make over the course of the game.

Elden Ring makes finding and solving some of its smaller questlines challenging, so quite a few characters are easy to miss unless the player knows exactly where to go and what to do. Admittedly, many of these quests have little impact on Elden Ring's six endings, and will only provide players with items and gear they might find helpful in their adventure. However, that doesn't mean these stories don't have meaning and core. The benefits of making some of these quests and characters available in DLC can take Elden Ring's RPG elements to the next level.

Elden Ring DLC: Jar Bairn Return Would Play To Warrior Jar Fans

Of all the Elden Ring supporting characters, Jar Bairn is probably the most interesting DLC ​​returning character. Living Jars are one of the most magical creatures in the Elden Ring, and even people are only vaguely familiar with them Anyone who plays the game has probably heard of them and their paragon Alexander Ironfist. Alexander is one of the most popular characters in the game and the uncle of Jar Bairn. After completing their respective questlines, Garbine vowed to carry on Alexander's legacy and become a great warrior himself. Seeing them pull this off in future DLC for Elden Ring will bring some lightheartedness to the game and keep Iron Fist Alexander fans happy.

Elden Ring DLC: The Return Of Lady Tanith And Patches

Lady Tanith of Volcanic Manor has an odd ending in the Mount Galmere plotline in the Ring of Eldon. After the player defeats Rykard, she will appear on top of the defeated boss, devouring his remains. When she reveals that she's eating Rykard so she can become one with him and the serpent, perhaps becoming their new vessel, it's both absurd and shocking. It's all the more worrying, considering Rykard's last few lines are his evil grin that snakes never die. She can be eliminated here, which triggers a mini-boss fight with her Crucible Knight, but letting her go opens up exciting potential for the Rykard 2.0 boss fight in Elden Ring's DLC.

Patches is another Elden Ring's DLC, he even has a mysterious connection to Lady Tanith. Near the end of his questline, he will give the player an item that can be handed to Tanith. However, the item didn't actually affect either of those characters, and Patches never mentioned it again. Although his questline has a definite ending, Patches is known to have appeared in the previous FromSoftware DLC. Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City DLC has a prominent Patches cameo, so it's not out of the question that the character will return when Elden Ring's DLC is released.

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