EAAAO star Ke Huy Quan recalls tough fanny pack stunt

In a recent interview, "Everything, Anywhere" star Ke Huy Quan recalled performing demanding action stunts with a fanny pack.

Ke Huy Quan recently discussed an extremely difficult stunt in his critically acclaimed sci-fi action film "Everything at the Same Time". Quan plays Waymond Wang, the affable husband of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh). Together they own a failing laundromat under the audit of ruthless IRS inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdra (Jamie Lee Curtis). During a visit to the IRS, Alpha-Waymond visits Evelyn from the Alphaverse, a parallel universe where she discovered the ability to travel through multiple realities.

In a recent interview with EW, Quan recalled his experience working on an Everything Everywhere All at Once stunt that he found particularly difficult. After the incident with Deidre, security guards were called to confront Evelyn about her erratic behavior. Alpha-Waymond takes control of her husband's body and attacks the guards with his fanny pack. In order to complete the complicated scenes, Kwon had to practice martial arts rope dart skills. However, when it came time to perform, Kwon recalls being very nervous. Read what the actor has to say below:

"The thing that was difficult was that shot [where] you see me kick the fanny pack towards the camera. I was sweating like crazy. I kick the fanny pack, and I see it almost in slow motion as it flies perfectly towards the camera. There was applause everywhere."

Will Everything Everywhere All at Once Get a Sequel?

Upon its release last March, Everything Everywhere All At Once was an instant hit with critics and audiences alike, holding a 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. as a result of The film's popularity, and the endless possibilities inherent in the film's multiverse premise, has audiences speculating whether or not the film will get a sequel. While Evelyn's character arc ends at the end of the film, there's room to develop additional narrative through supporting characters, such as an emotionally unfulfilled Dietrich.

However, writing/directing duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have repeatedly refuted any rumors of Everything Everywhere All On Once 2, despite being the cause of such claims. The film's production partners previously said the sequel would see Evelyn and Waymond radicalized by the evils of social media. Kwan and Scheinert later changed their tune and explained that their idea of ​​a sequel was a joke.

What's Next for Ke Huy Quan

Kwon returns in 2021 in Finding Ohana, inspired by Crazy Rich Asians, following a long hiatus in Hollywood following the hugely popular TV series The Monitor. The actor could next appear as an employee of the Jet Lag Administration in Rocky season 2, alongside Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu (Joy Wang) on ​​the Disney+ show and the Russo brothers' upcoming sci-fi adventure film The Electric State .Yuquan Proving in Everything and Everywhere that he still has the charisma that made him a star of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and The Goonies, the actor's career couldn't have looked any further.

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