Doctor Doom in Black Panther 3 will pull off the franchise's best tricks

Doom as the villain in Black Panther 3 would continue the perfect trend established by the first Black Panther movie and Wakanda Forever.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

^ Following Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Doctor Doom is the villain of Black Panther 3, which could continue the series' best tricks for the MCU. The Black Panther movie, which debuted in the Wakanda nation in the first movie, excels at world building, expanding the MCU's geographic territory in some pretty impressive ways. So Victor von Doom has created a very exciting opportunity for Black Panther 3.

Although not overtly referenced in Wakanda Forever, Doctor Doom could appear in Black Panther 3 in several ways. Dora Milaje's Midnight Angel armor debuts in the comics during Wakanda's battle with Doom. Ironheart's comics career began with an encounter with Doom when he took on the mantle of Iron Man. Doctor Doom also seeks Wakanda's Vibranium for its unique ability to harness magical powers (not yet seen in the MCU). However, Namor also predicts that Wakanda will soon find itself under attack by hostile nations, a nation in particular that could lead the charge in Black Panther 3.

Dr. Doom's debut in the MCU will likely mean the introduction of Latvia as well, the country Victor rules with iron fist. Located in Eastern Europe, Latvia is a small but mighty kingdom defended by Victor's own army of Doombots. It is also a fortress sanctuary where Dr. Doom is virtually untouchable and any country dares to set foot on sovereign Latvian territory (it would be considered an act of war).

Doctor Doom's Latveria Continues A Black Panther Worldbuilding Trick

The introduction of Latvia would continue the world-building trend of the Black Panther series. The first film, of course, debuted the mysterious African nation of Wakanda, which forever introduced audiences to Namor's undersea kingdom of Taloqan. As such, Latvia will continue the pattern, offering an entirely new country to explore, uniquely ruled by one of the biggest villains in the MCU.

So far, the Black Panther movies have been doing double duty. Those films advanced Black Panther's story while also expanding the MCU with new scenarios and shaking up the geopolitical landscape. That's likely why the Black Panther movies are so good at worldbuilding to begin with. There are strong narrative reasons for the debut of these new nations, and they have had lasting effects across the MCU. The threat of Namor's Talokan exposure triggers a major conflict with Wakanda, and the vibranium The arms race started in the background (and will likely continue into the future of the MCU).

Why The Black Panther Series Is So Good At World Building

Latveria's likely future debut would be a natural next step after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. How will the MCU deal with a new nation ruled by a major supervillain? Continuing the world-building trend with Doctor Doom and his European kingdom in Black Panther 3 is a very exciting opportunity that the MCU can and should capitalize on.

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