DC Unveils Army Of Harley Quinns From The Multiverse

Harley Quinn has been busy dealing with her own evil mutants, and now she's up against an entire army of Harleys from the multiverse.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Harley Quinn #25!

DC just introduced multiple variants of Harley Quinn from the multiverse. In Harley Quinn #25, a laughing Harley is traveling across the multiverse, killing other Harleys. This dark Harley comes to Earth 0 to try to kill her counterpart in this world - but the real Harley Quinn has an unexpected ally in an older variant of her. Just when the laughing Harley was about to deliver a fatal blow, a group of Harley mutants came.

This issue, written by Stephanie Phillips, illustrated by Matteo Lolli and David Baldeon, colored by Rain Beredo, and written by Deron Bennett, opens with a laughing Harley arriving at Earth-0, trying to kill the main Harley Quinn. However, Harley has an ally in the old woman Harley from the post-apocalyptic world. Using themselves as bait, the two Harleys come up with a plan to lure Smiley Harley. Sure enough, the laughing Harley fell for it. Three people fight, no one can gain the upper hand. Killer Frost then shows up and freezes Harley Who Laughs; it turns out the real Harley Quinn had contacted her beforehand as backup. However, Harley who Laughs is able to break free, but in the process, the device she uses to travel across the multiverse shatters, causing a sudden influx of Harley mutants, including a mermaid mutant, a winged mutant, and another mutant that looks like she uses magic.

It Is Only Fitting Harley Quinn Has an Army of Variants

The introduction of these Harley Quinn variants was (hopefully) accidental for her, as the past few months have been some of the most tumultuous of her life. First, Harley actually died, but was brought back to life thanks to Lazarus Pit. She then sets out to find who killed her - a path that leads her directly to Laughing Harley, a dark mashup of Harley and Laughing Batman. Harley the Laughing is traveling across the multiverse to take down her rivals - but now she's up against the entire Harley Quinn army.

Harley Quinn just celebrated her 30th anniversary, and introducing an army of mutants from the multiverse was the perfect way to end it. Since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, she has become one of DC's most popular characters, second only to the "holy trinity" of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. for each As members of the Holy Trinity, they have dozens of variations across the multiverse, and readers have encountered several Harleys so far, such as Old Lady Harley (a riff on Old Man Logan) and Laughing Harley. The Smiley Harley has proven itself to be a formidable foe, able to defeat two other Harleys and escape Killer Frost's trap. Harley Quinn needs a miracle to get out of trouble, and it comes in the form of an army of Harley mutants.

Diversity among Harley variants would be one of its strengths. As mentioned, there is a mermaid variant, and a demon-looking variant that uses magic. There are also variations on some of Harley's previous looks. Laughing Harleys have already brought Earth-0 Harleys and Old Lady Harleys to the poles, but the new Harley Quinns in the multiverse might be able to split the pack evenly.

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