chainsaw man is repeating himself and it ruined the series

Chapter 115 of Chainsaw Man draws parallels between Part Two's many similarities to Part One of the manga with embarrassing clichés.

Warning: Spoilers for Chainsaw Man chapter 115

What was once a delightful parallelism now becomes a forced cliché, as The Chainsaw Man Part II tries to mirror basically everything that happened in the early chapters of Part One as a mistake.

When Asa Mitaka tries to bribe Denji to give her the money they just collected in Chapter 116 of Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man, the effort officially begins to lose favor with some Chainsaw Man readers. After Mitaka said she would do whatever he asked her to, her efforts ended up being quite successful, a promise Tatsuki embraced enthusiastically, as he was more than happy to leave everything in her hands.

This latest development apparently mirrors at least two earlier moments from the first installment of Saw. The first time it happened, Power tricked Denji into saving her cat, Meow, by promising that he could feel her feelings afterwards. The second instance basically continues the entirety of the first part of the series. In return for destroying the gun demon, Makima tells Chuanzhi that she will grant him any wish. Of course, Chuenji and the readers at the time thought he was going to ask her to take his virginity, but for various reasons, Chunji wanted to be her dog in the end.

Chainsaw Man is Becoming a Caricature of Itself

While an interesting parallel, This is the last of the many blatant attempts in Saw Man to repeat a moment that happened earlier in the series. Aside from reintroducing Eternal Evil from the first installment, the date that Eternal Evil ends up using is a carbon copy of the other two times when women used the prospect of a date as a means of manipulating him. Just like Makima and Lei Ze used to pretend to be interested in Denji, now Mitaka Asagi pretends to go out with Denji, but actually wants to turn him into a weapon and lure Denji into a trap. Taken individually, the similarities are convincing, but Mitaka's statement that she would now honor any request from Denji is a bit too much, and makes the early connection feel forced.

Of course, Saw may try to justify this repetition by having Denji demand something that is neither perverted nor demeaning himself. This will show how much his character has grown. But, ironically, even that comes across as self-aware, since Denji has shown how evolved he is in the aquarium they're now trapped in. what makes a chainsaw Man's initial appeal to Denji's early fake dating is so effective that Denji is actually siding with Mitaka today, not before he allowed others to take advantage of him. The fact that Denji also tries to cheer Mitaka up after their bad date in the latest chapter shows Denji's lack of maturity in the first part. So Saw pushing Denji's growth like this would just come across as overkill. Chainsaw Man is an often groundbreaking series, which is why its second installment simply repeats the first.

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