Candiace Dillard reveals she won't be leaving RHOP anytime soon

Candiace Dillard is still enjoying starring in The Real Housewives of Potomac and has no plans. She admits she still likes some of her mates.

Candiace Dillard admits she doesn't plan to leave The Real Housewives of Potomac anytime soon. Candiace debuted on RHOP Season 3 and Bravo is currently airing RHOP Season 7. The Real Housewives franchise is known for its dramatic relationships and intense fights, and the RHOP cast isn't excluded anyway.

Candias has thoroughly enjoyed her time since joining the RHOP cast, and is happy to remain involved even with the drama that comes with the show. In an interview with Page Six, Candias said, "I'm here until I'm gone or until they fire me, whichever comes first." While there's always drama at RHOP, it's Potentially a disservice to the women starring in these Bravo reality shows. Still, Candiace says she still likes "some of her mates most of the time," which makes being a part of RHOP "still worthwhile," and sometimes "fun."

Candiace Dillard Thankful For RHOP Fan Base

Since joining RHOP, the R&B singer has had a great time on the Bravo series. Candiace has nothing but praise for Bravo and "the fanbase and support I've built for this" platform. ’ So it makes sense that she’s not planning to leave RHOP right now. Candiace said of her understanding of the Real Housewives format, saying, “You can’t be happily married on this show. That's the rule," because if they're happily married, someone's going to try to blow things up and make it more exciting. Candiace also talks about some other RHOP women and their "bad acting" on the show, trying to keep Relevance, but she says the show is too real, so they need to make their lives better, or they should leave.

Any Real Housewives show probably has a hard time being a part of it at times, and will give some of its stars challenges. However, despite the dramatic changes that come naturally, RHOP star Candias is still having fun. Most recently, her husband Chris Bassett was seen in some other RHOP cast members such as Gizelle Bou Gizelle Bryant is in trouble after spreading rumors about him. Most of the gossip has been cleared up and the couple is trying to shake it off.

Regardless of the RHOP Season 7 test Through her, Candiace is still excited and still happy, so she'll stay at RHOP as long as they have her. Her other endeavors, including releasing her debut album Deep Space and acting on ALLBLK's TV series Hush, are going well, and she has time to keep working hard and staying relevant and exciting at RHOP. Going forward, Candiace plans to keep handling everything and accept the chaos that comes with being part of the Real Housewives franchise as long as it still serves her and brings her fun.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT Bravo.

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