Bryan Danielson and MJF face big challenge in AEW revolution

It looks like AEW is building Bryan Danielson and MJF into the March 5 Revolution main event. However, there may only be one problem.

All Elite Wrestling's Revolution pay-per-view won't be available until March 5, but Bryan Danielson and MJF are gearing up for the show's main event. On the Jan. 4 episode of Dynamite, the AEW World Champion told Danielson that if he wins every fight between now and Revolution, he will be awarded the title. The American Dragons agreed on the condition that if he continued his winning streak, he would be allowed to choose the provision. MJF backed down after some prodding, and to the delight of the crowd in Danielson's hometown of Seattle, a 60-minute Iron Man match was chosen as the first choice for the match. It seemed unlikely that Bryan would lose before pay-per-view, which pretty much locked down a fight between the two AEW stars.

However, hosting a high-end Iron Man match for AEW fans is easier said than done. At least, that's Dave Meltzer's opinion in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. "Going an hour today is risky, and an hour is very difficult when fans know from the start it's going to take an hour, especially on a long PPV show." After expressing these concerns, The longtime insider admitted, "The game itself Might be great, because Danielson's game usually is. The storyline is that Danielson will play the next five Dynamite shows and must win all five to claim the title under those provisions. "Danielson's first opponent has been chosen, as he will face off against Konosuke Takeshita in the Jan. 11 episode of Dynamite.

Iron Man Match Could Change The Perception Of MJF

At this stage of his career, MJF is primarily known for his character work. Another On the one hand, Danielson is often considered one of the best professional wrestlers of this generation. The two performers couldn’t have been more different, but the Iron Man match allowed them to tell a unique story in the ring. As May As Ultzer said, it's safe to assume that the Revolution main event will be successful, as Bryan almost always is. Can't say the same for MJF, who doesn't have the same productions as his (supposed) opponent. Hard to recall from Earth A bad match for Salt, but he doesn't have the reputation that Danielson has.

That's going to be one of the highlights of this event, based on the promos the two exchanged on Dynamite this week. No There's reason to believe that MJF won't be able to go head-to-head with the veteran in this situation; however, his performance in this Iron Man fight might change the perception of him as a boxer. Historically, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, and Triple H have all boosted their in-ring reputations after Iron Man's stellar game. AEW continued with this rule, deciding to have fights for a full hour instead of 30 minutes. This type of match will give Danielson and MJF plenty of time to tell their in-ring stories, and Friedman will likely look like a completely different wrestler when All Elite Wrestling's Revolution show ends.

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