Big Brother 10: 10 best players, ranked by strategic ability

Veteran fans know that Big Brother 10, now streaming on Netflix, is the wildest season ever, with a cast that includes some of the show's smartest players.

Last month, Netflix quietly put "Big Brother 10" on its platform, allowing new fans to catch one of the reality TV giant's best seasons, as well as old fans to relive. Big Brother 10 is special for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it's the first time audiences get to see the now-legendary houseguest, Dan Gheesling, play the game.

Big Brother 10 is remembered for its intense fights and funny drama. For all the controversy, however, there have also been some smart players this season who seem to know the game inside out. Dan is sometimes referred to as the best player ever, but how do his "Big Brother 10" teammates stack up against him?

Brian Hart

Brian is arguably the most famous first deportee in Big Brother. After the whole house pushed Jerry through his back door, he was last in line.

Brian is a prime example of playing too fast. He tries to ally with everyone, but it immediately backfires. While his strategy is poorly executed, he shows himself to be smart and partially understands what it takes to win, more so than the rest of his cast member. If he hadn't played tricks as soon as he entered the house, he would have gone far away.

Jerry MacDonald

Jerry was a high-profile player, even in his old age. He was picked as the first HOH before the tenants talked to each other and made it to the final three.

Jerry was a decent strategic player. His biggest move was listening to the whole house and backdooring Brian in the first week. If he doesn't, he becomes the house's prime target. He did vote in a majority three of the four weeks before he became a permanent pawn, so he earned respect there. Funny how he can get this far due to his mediocre strategy game and terrible social game.

Bryan Ollie

After Dan backtracked, Ollie became the victim of one of the most influential veto rituals of all time. He ended up finishing sixth on the season.

Ollie flashes that he has the right mind for Big Brother. For example, he's one of the louder guys against Brian, which helps his game. he has another A formidable combination with Jerry, April and Michele would have gone a long way if it wasn't for the twisted American players voting for Jesse instead of Memphis. However, he did make a big mistake by trusting Dan to keep his word, not Michelle who went through the back door.

Libra Thompson

Libras are remembered for their many arguments, old-fashioned mentality, and combative nature. She came in ninth and was the first member of the jury this season.

Libra has the guts that every Big Brother fan wants to see. She and Keesha overturn Jessie's vote and oust him, much to the chagrin of her former ally April. This move leads directly to Libra's ouster, but she's shown that she's capable of taking the actions necessary to win, even if those actions aren't right.

Keesha Smith

Keesha was a fan favorite on Big Brother 10, so much so that she was asked to appear in Big Brother 22 some 12 years later. She finished fourth this season.

Keesha may be best known for her iconic birthday parties, but she is a wise strategist. She was able to reorganize herself after her closest allies were chosen In the power dynamics of the house. When Libra was ousted, she mostly strategized with Dan, Memphis, and Renny, which helped her make it all the way to the Top 4.

Memphis Garrett

Memphis was Dan's number one ally for most of the season. The Renegades made it to the final two games, but Memphis didn't get a jury vote.

Memphis doesn't appear to be making any big moves in Big Brother 10. An important aspect of his game is being on the right side of the vote every time. He was always in the majority, knowing the climate in the house and the direction they were going. However, it's good that he's corrected his game and is more of an aggressive strategic player in the Big Brother 22.

Jessie Godderz

Jessie is an iconic recurring player in Big Brother history. Big Brother 10 was his first season, and he returned the following year and made some cameos in subsequent seasons.

When fans see through Jessie's arrogance, they'll find a good strategist. One of the smartest moves of the entire season was when Jesse overheard Libra and Keesha complaining about April, so he went and told her. this broke up Coven Alliance, but it also caused Libra and Keesha to flip the vote for Jessie that week, so his move, while smart at the time, had dire consequences when it blew up the whole house.

Michelle Costa

Michelle was the biggest casualty of Dan's replacement nominee roulette, as she was promised safety. In one of the most memorable weeks ever, she came home seventh.

Some fans believe that if Michelle survives this week, she will win the race. Despite her gruff personality, she takes part in a lot of strategic discussions rather than being a passive player. If she sits in the final two next to Kisha or Memphis, she has a good chance of beating either of them because Michele is a more active player.

April Dowling

April is one of those tenants who always has a pulse on what's going on in the house. However, she came in 8th after the other side won the HOH.

Fans can tell right away that April is a good strategic player, as she formed the Coven alliance with Libra and Keesha, since that group looks like If it could control the whole house. When it crumbles, she leans on her other relationships, such as with Michelle, to advance her game. In her prime in the family, pretty much everyone did her bidding until she was sniffed out by Libra and Keesha.

Dan Gheesling

To this day, Dan is widely regarded as the best Big Brother player of all time, as he won Big Brother 10 and could have won Big Brother 14. He is without a doubt the best player in the Big Brother 10.

Dan is immediately put in a dangerous situation when his number one ally Brian is revealed to be a liar in front of everyone. However, he used a strategy of showing weakness, so no one wanted to target him. When he needs to win games, he turns on his physical game and wins some really important challenges. Also convincing Ollie to drop the HOH challenge is one of the most impressive things Dan has done in his Big Brother career. His talking ability was on display throughout the season, especially in his final speech to the jury.

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