Bianca's Wednesday Parallel Secret Confirms She's Not a Villain

Clever details about Wednesday and Bianca show that Bianca was always misguided, she was never the villain.

Wednesday does an excellent job of creating potential villains, but none are as obvious as Bianca. By pitting Bianca and Wednesday against each other, the show deftly positions her as the real antagonist, though subtle similarities between the two confirm that Bianca was never the real villain. Wednesday relies on Bianca's ability to manipulate her classmates with her siren ability, making her a prime suspect.

This suspicion comes to a head with the revelation that Xavier broke up with Bianca, as he believes she is using her power to control him and he doesn't trust her. With so many redirects Wednesday on who the real killer was in season 1, it felt like confirmation that Bianca was behind Hyde's attack. Because Hyde needs a master, Bianca and her siren powers make her perfect for controlling the kill. However, this is another misdirection that distracts from the real monster and his masters, Taylor and Ms. Thornhill.

Bianca's Issues With Her Mother Proved She Was Never A Villain In Wednesday

In episode 5, Parents' Weekend, Bianca reveals more of her character, especially in terms of her relationship with her mother. Bianca thinks her mom is a liar Use her siren abilities to scam people out of their money. Bianca's attitude toward her mother's business, and her apparent contempt for how she uses her powers against innocent people, proves that she was never Wednesday's villain but simply misunderstood, like many of the Nevermore students.

By making neither Bianca nor Wednesday want to be like their mother, it makes them more alike than they realize. Wednesday doesn't want to be like Morticia and has been adamant about it, while Bianca has the same desire and doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps, but she's much more reserved about her reasons. This parallel between Wednesday and Bianca creates a connection with the audience. Because Wednesday has this attribute, Bianca having it makes her more trustworthy because she is similar to Wednesday.

Will Wednesday & Bianca Become Actual Friends In Season 2?

Hope Netflix confirms that Wednesday will have a second season soon, great to see Bianca and Wednesday getting close. By the end of season 1, they were frenemy and frenemy, with Bianca helping Wednesday capture Taylor, and while they don't seem like friends yet, they have a level of respect for each other that could lead to a cold war Wednesdays Team Up for Season 2 and beyond. Bianca's redemption arc seems like a good idea to round off the sharp edges of her character.

Whether or not the show intends to use Bianca as a red herring for an actual villain, Wednesday has managed to create a dynamic character who has the potential to be a great ally for Wednesday. Her relationship with her mother is comparable to that of Wednesday and Morticia, which is a great way to show Bianca's true intentions. Hopefully, viewers will learn more about how Wednesday and Bianca's relationship develops in Wednesday's season 2.

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