Batman's Court of Owls Is a Multi-Threat

Batman/Spawn #1 reveals that the mysterious secret society, the Court of Owls, is not just a Gotham problem, but a threat to the entire multiverse.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Batman/Spawn #1!

It looks like the Court of Owls isn't just something that haunts Batman and Gotham City. Batman/Spawn #1 reveals that the mysterious Collective is a terrifying constant that threatens every world in the vast multiverse.

Bruce Wayne encountered many villains during his tenure as Gotham's protector, but few were as deadly as the city's most sinister secret society. The Court of Owls is an organization made up of several of Gotham's most powerful and influential citizens who secretly run the city. The Court's influence dates back to the city's beginnings and their Talon Assassins, who have been able to direct events in Gotham so they can gain more power and grow richer. Batman has confronted the Court of Owls on several occasions, and though he has survived their many attempts, they remain a dire threat that awaits him in the shadows.

However, the threat of the Court of Owls is much greater than Batman imagined, which could bring danger to the entire multiverse. In Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo's Batman/Spawn #1, the two protagonists are rigged into a fight after Al Simmons is persuaded The Court of Owls believes that Batman is a demon who has captured his wife's soul. After a brief confrontation, the two realize that the courts are behind the scenes and head to the Batcave to regroup. Bruce guessed that the court must have messed up the time frame to pit him and Spawn against each other. Al said it's not out of the question, as courts exist on all fronts. Just like Batman has the court of owls in his world, Spawn has the court of priests in his world.

The Court of Owls: DC's Greatest Threat?

Spawn's court of priests is not identical to Batman's court of owls. The Spawn's Court is made up of many of Spawn's enemies who banded together to defeat him, while the Court of Owls is an elite group dedicated to running Gotham. That said, they're basically all the same, both going out of their way to get rid of their worst enemy. But the idea of ​​a court on all fronts makes the court a greater threat than previously thought.

It is not surprising that the Supreme Court has variants in other dimensions. after all, Due to the infinite nature of the DC multiverse, there are countless copies of every other team and faction. However, the Court is one of the most insidious organizations in the DC Universe, with only one version proving itself to be a thorn in Batman's side. The multitude of institutions modeled on the Court in the multiverse could be dangerous, especially if they decide to work together and take their control to the next level. Fans can see the dangers facing the Court of Owls in Batman/Spawn #1, which is out now.

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