Batman Just Repeated Oracle's Sloppiest AI Mistake

Batman recently faced off with Failsafe, a deadly robot of his own making, but another member of the Bat-Family could have helped him avoid that.

Batman's recent battle with the unstoppable robot Failsafe pushed him to his limits, but if he had learned from Batgirl's example, he could have avoided the threat altogether. Like Batman, Barbara Gordon faces an AI enemy of her own making, and defeating it should prevent Bruce from repeating his mistakes.

Batman is the king of contingency planning; no matter what happens, whether it's an alien invasion, old friends going bad, or anything else, Batman has a plan for it. Unfortunately, this habit of his has gotten him into trouble recently. While he was fighting the Black Gloves, Bruce created an alternate personality known as Zurr-En-Arrh's Batman. That backup decided to create its own backup in the form of android Failsafe, which was recently activated by mistake and went after Batman due to Batman being framed in the death of the penguin. While this might sound like a ridiculous series of events, another Bat-family member experienced almost the exact same thing.

In 2016's Batgirl #49 by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr, Batgirl had very similar problems to Batman. Before that, Barbara Gordon was Batgirl For a long time, she did her best to help Batman save Gotham City, but she ended up having to hang up the hood after a really bad day with the Joker. Babs fights her greatest battles as an Oracle rather than a Batgirl, and practically, she's able to coordinate and help heroes all over the world, even when she's no longer able to provide physical assistance. She decided to try to solve this problem by creating a bot called Oracle. While Babs will be Oracle's brain, this robot will serve as Oracle's body. But that didn't really work.

Oracle Went Rogue And Attacked Her Creator, As Androids Often Do

Barbara eventually received a spinal implant, allowing her to walk and move on her own. Because of this, she's perfectly capable of stepping back into Batwoman's mantle and helping people physically again without the need for an oracle. Then Babs left Oracle android behind without even realizing it could run. When some of Batgirl's villains accidentally reactivate the droid, she realizes what a big mistake she's made. This is the same mistake Batman will continue to repeat with Failsafe. Although Batgirl has called Batman poisonous in the past, if Batgirl If only she knew of Failsafe's existence, she might somehow be advising Batman to avoid similar traps as hers.

Batman failed to consider the possibility that his contingency plan might fail, leading him to a violent fight with the droid that was meant to help him. This is exactly the problem Batgirl faced when Oracle android went rogue. If either Batman of Zur-En-Arrh or Alfred undoubtedly knew what happened to Oracle and they just confide in Batgirl, maybe Batman could avoid the whole failsafe arc.

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