Batman confirms the villain is an idiot in every universe

Batman is in a mysterious new timeline, but after meeting one of his recurring villains, the Dark Knight admits he's an idiot in every world.

Spoilers for Batman #131 by DC Comics

After Batman enters a whole new universe, he just points out that one of his recurring villains, Firefly, is an idiot in every universe. In DC Comics' Batman #131, the Dark Knight encounters a flamethrower-wielding villain whom he has little to say about, deliberately insulting every version of Firefly in the DC Multiverse.

In Batman #131 by Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, Adriano Di Benedetto, and Tomeu Morey from DC Comics, Batman wakes up in a world not his own after fighting Failsafe. After meeting a version of Harvey Dent who has essentially become Judge Dredd, their battle is interrupted by Firefly. The flying villain uses his flamethrower to light up the building where Bruce Wayne and Dante are fighting, allowing the hero to discover that Firefly is "an idiot in any universe," including the new universe he finds himself in. ^Firefly is one of Batman's most famous villains in the comics, and although he appears frequently in Dark Knight stories, he is not as popular as The Joker, Two-Face, or Mister Freeze. Garfield Lynnes is a pyromaniac who uses giant winged suits and light effects to commit crimes. The villain has been portrayed in many DC-related animated and live-action projects over the years, including a female version in the Arrowverse, and would be the main villain in the now-cancelled Batgirl movie, actor Brendan Fraser was set to bring the character to life.

Firefly Is One Of Batman's Most Underrated Villains

Considering that Firefly often uses his flamethrower before thinking, just to see things burn, Batman thinks the villain is an idiot. While it's debatable whether the insult was necessary, Bruce Wayne has dealt with Firefly enough times that he's confirmed to himself that Firefly isn't one of his smartest enemies. Firefly's actions in the mysterious new world don't quite refute Wayne's perception of him; however, when he and his fellow villains light up the building, he still seems to be working together inside.

This question proves that Batman doesn't take Firefly seriously because, according to Bruce Wayne, his longtime villain is considered an idiot in every universe. While the multiverse is so vast that it's unlikely that Firefly is an idiot in every universe, Batman has seen enough versions of the villain to justify his insults when he encounters him in the new reality. DC Comics' Batman #131 is In comic book stores now.

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