Batman Admits There's Only One Thing That Keeps Him In Justice League

Batman is a consistent member of the Justice League, but in New Superman #17, Bruce admits that there's only one thing that will keep him up with his metahuman allies.

He may be an important member of the Justice League, but even Batman knows that only one thing has managed to keep him on the team. In The New Superman #17, Bruce Wayne reveals what keeps him on DC's superhero leadership team.

The Justice League is a team of some of the greatest superheroes ever. While there's no shortage of superteams in the DC Universe, the League is considered an A-List team, and earning membership is one of the highest honors a hero can earn. The team has several powerful heroes serving all the time, such as Green Lantern or The Flash. But one of the most surprising heroes to have a steady presence on the team is the more down-to-earth street hero Batman. While heroes like Wonder Woman and Superman have enhanced strength or the ability to fly, Bruce is the closest thing to an average person that a team usually has.

No one seems to understand better than Bruce how hard Batman is trying to survive on a team like the Justice League. Gene Luen Yang and Joe Lalich's New Superman #17, Justice League China After Batman's mech-bat accidentally fires a few missiles at the team, he accidentally misses the Justice League. Thankfully, no one was harmed, but the young team of heroes got a whole lot from their elders. Especially Baek Hee, who got a stern reprimand from Batman for not testing his equipment. The Dark Knight calmed down and had a heart-to-heart exchange with his Chinese counterpart. Batman admits that when he first started, he once used the grapple to pry a window down. Bruce stresses to Batman that it's important to have reliable equipment on a team with metahumans.

Batman's Equipment Is His Saving Grace On The League

Batman is not the only human in Justice League to use special gear. But unlike Green Lantern and his ring, Bruce created nearly every weapon he uses in his superhero life. He wasn't lucky enough to have a foolproof weapon, and his gadgets needed to get bigger, and more importantly, they needed to work properly. If Batman wants to keep up with his allies, mastering his technology is the most important thing he needs to emphasize.

Batman is well aware that he can turn against villains at any time That could easily end his life. The last thing Batman needs is a malfunctioning device that puts him, his teammates, or any civilians in danger. Thankfully, the Caped Crusader knows the value of his weapons and won't bring them to the battlefield until they're fully battle-ready. Batman is one of the smartest men in the DC Universe, and he knows that in order to use his talents to the benefit of the Justice League, he must always be on top of the game with weapons.

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