Avatar 2's Biggest Star Wars Parallel Makes Kiri Even More Important

Star Wars' biggest mystery could provide audiences with clues as to what Avatar has in store for Kiri, and she's more important than ever.

Avatar: The Way of the Water is similar to another popular franchise, Star Wars, and the similarities may make Kiri even more important. Way of Water manages to tell a complete story within the Avatar universe without plunging audiences into gripping cliffhangers. However, the film still leaves many unanswered questions and sets the stage for future films in the series.

The presence of Jake and Neitryi's children in the film changes the dynamic of the series, as the characters both bring something new to the table and even shape the personalities of Jake and Neitryi in new ways. The principal child is the couple's adopted daughter, Kiri, who was born from Grace's avatar and adopted by the Sully family. Kiri's storyline suggests that the filmmakers are preparing her for a larger role in future films, and her arc could have a huge impact on the Avatar universe.

Kiri's Father Mystery Parallels Anakin Skywalker In Star Wars

Family dynamics in the Star Wars universe have always been complicated and sometimes confusing. The mystery of who Anakin Skywalker's father is still hasn't been officially solved in the Star Wars canon, but some theories are more convincing than others. The biggest, and most likely theory, is that driven From information gleaned from the movie itself, this is the idea that the Force is Anakin's "father" and created Anakin Skywalker in his search for balance in the universe.

Kiri's father is also a mystery in the Avatar universe, although there are still three upcoming movies that promise to solve this mystery. As of now, it has been heavily hinted that Kiri has a special connection to Ewya, just like Anakin has a connection to the Force. Both Ewya and the Force are higher powers, abstract versions of God in a way. Kiri's father is as mysterious as Anakin's, so it's possible her "father" wasn't human or Na'vi, but Ewya himself.

Is Kiri The Chosen One In Avatar? What That Would Mean

Anakin's Skywalker lineage began at birth, linking Skywalker to the Force. This allows them to use the Force in ways most humans cannot, whether for good or evil. If Ewya is indeed responsible for Kiri's birth, then this chosen storyline could be reflected in the Avatar.

If Kiri is the chosen one in the Avatar universe, she already seems to have incredible Powers and a connection to Ewya, which will make Kiri's purpose in Avatar 3-5 all the more important. Having Kiri as the Chosen One means that the final film will likely feature her as the main character, and possibly establish future storylines featuring her own children. If that's the case, then the future of the Avatar franchise after Avatar: Way of Water may rely heavily on not only Kiri's psychic abilities, but also her lineage, and how the family is connected to Ewya.

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