Arrowverse Wally West Hints at The Flash Returning for Season 9 With Cryptic Post

Arrowverse Wally West actor Keiynan Lonsdale sent fans into a frenzy with a cryptic Twitter post suggesting The Flash would return for season 9.

Wally West appears to be returning to The Flash, with star Keiynan Lonsdale teasing his return as speedster for the final season of the Arrowverse show. Lonsdale made his debut as Wally in The Flash season 2, and the character was introduced as Iris West's brother, unlike the relationship they developed in the DC Comics, where Wally was Iris West's brother. Reese's nephew. During the show, Wally will become the superhero Kid Flash, using his super speed to help Barry save Central City. Lonsdale was last seen as Wally in 2020, which means The Flash's final season return has been a long time coming.

Lonsdale shared a cryptic tease on Twitter about his return as Wally when The Flash returns for the final season. The Flash season 9 will be the show's finale, and many of the cast members from across the series (and the larger Arrowverse) should appear as surprise guests, wrapping up the show in a similar fashion to Arrow. Lonsdale released a GIF of Lightning without elaborating further, prompting speculation that Kid Flash might be one of the returning characters. Check out the post below:

Why Wally West Needs To Return In The Flash Final Season

Lonsdale has not appeared as Wally yet For nearly three years, it's been a long absence from an interconnected universe like the Arrowverse. The actor initially left The Flash to become one of the stars of the spin-off show DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but his role on the series ended the following year. Lonsdale never gave a reason for leaving Wally, but he did thank the fans who supported him. The Flash's absence of Wally West in the episode finale is sure to upset fans of the character, who is currently the main Flash in the comics. Thankfully, it looks like Wally will be back to help Barry one last time.

The Flash season 9 will look at the history of the superhero show to pick characters who could reappear to close this chapter of the Speedster's live-action journey. Not only should a character in The Flash be considered, but the Arrowverse's plethora of shows and heroes would need to be leveraged to properly launch one of the universe's two flagship shows alongside the already completed Arrow. The Flash season 9 villain Red Death's connection to Batwoman brings back the show's star Javicia Leslie as a new Batman/Flash character A crossover villain from the comics. In The Flash season 9, Barry needs Wally's help to fight such powerful enemies and other villains. Audiences have been talking about the actor taking over the DC film mantle from star Ezra Miller. Carrying on one version of Barry with nine years of baggage seems like too much, though, given James Gunn's plans for a new DCU reboot. Instead, DC fans should be delighted to see Gustin's Flash battling the entire team at Barry's Rogues Gallery. The emergence of a group of villains calls for a team of heroes to unite in The Flash season 9, and Wally West is the prime man to help Barry save the day one last time.

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Source: Keiynan Lonsdale/Twitter

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