All 41 Breaking Bad Characters Return on Better Call Saul

It's no surprise that the Breaking Bad spinoff featured returning characters, and the returning characters on Better Call Saul range from minor to essential.

Unsurprisingly for the "Breaking Bad" spinoff, characters from the "Better Call Saul" parent show made several cameos. Following the previous Breaking Bad lives of Saul Goodman a.k.a James McGill (Bob Odenkirk), Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) and Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), the series regularly plays small or major roles from the wider universe, building on Until the decisive moment when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) walks into Saul Goodman's office for the first time.

Some characters make notable cameos, while others appear in more subtle ways. For example, Kim and Jimmy's Howard project required the assistance of a very minor sidekick in Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), while the final season's flash-forward featured a more prominent figure in the Breaking Bad universe. players. In addition to obvious characters like Saul/Jimmy, Mike, and Gus, there are many delightful returns to the Breaking Bad character in Better Call Saul.

Tuco Salamanca

Better Call Saul wasted no time introducing Breaking Bad characters, the pilot episode ends with Jimmy McGill being dragged into a house by the dreaded Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) . Jimmy adopts two skateboarding hustler twins, Cal and Lal, and Jimmy meets Tuco. No respect for the drug lord's grandma. Jimmy negotiates the twins' fate with Tuco, convincing a drug dealer to save him from torture to death. This is Jimmy's first brush with Cartel, which will begin his Saul Goodman transformation.

In Better Call Saul season 2, Tuco also had a role in Mike's pre-Breaking Bad story. Ex-cop and future Breaking Bad fixer helps Ignacio Varga (Michael Mando) get rid of Tuco by inciting him into a fight that lands him in jail. He spent the remainder of Better Call Saul in prison, being released sometime after the death of Lalo Salamanca, where he attempted to pick up the pieces of the family's shattered drug distribution network.

Gonzo & No-Doze

Tuco's long-suffering lieutenants Gonzo (Jesus Payan) and No-Doze (Cesar Garcia) also appear in Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 2 "Mijo". A worrying dynamic between the three has emerged when Tuco tells No-Doze in frustration to stop helping him terrorize Cal and Lal. This foreshadowed No-Doze's brutal beating and Gonzo's accidental death in Breaking Bad seasons 1 and 2.

The Nurse

When Walt poisoned Brock in Season 4, he Rushing to Lovelace Medical Center in Albuquerque, the pediatric nurse (T.C. Victoria Warner) prevents Jesse from joining Bullock at his bedside. She also protested to Jimmy McGill many years ago when he stormed into his brother Chuck's hospital room and turned off all electronics. It's one of the many subtle, deep manifestations of Breaking Bad's smaller characters that punctuate Better Call Saul to enrich its fictional world.


This is open to explanation, as Better Call Saul Sarah Minnich is referred to as "the party girl" in the credits for Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 2 "Thirty Eight Snub". That said, it's entirely possible that Secretary Brenda will lose her job, given Kim's (Rhea Seehorn) and Jimmy's plot against Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) and the tragic fate of Better Call Saul law firm HHM. The desperation of losing such a secure position at a prestigious law firm could have driven her to a wilder lifestyle, partying with Jesse Pinkman as he struggles to cope The guilt of killing Gale Boetticher.

Kaylee Ehrmantraut

Mike's granddaughter Kelly is one of the few Breaking Bad characters in Breaking Bad to have a different actor. For obvious reasons, Given that this is a Breaking Bad prequel, Kelly was played by three different young actors in the Better Call Saul timeline. Kaija Roze Bales as Kaylee on Breaking Bad and her younger self as Faith Healey, Abigail Zoe Lewis and Juliet Donnenfeld in Better Call Saul seasons 1, 2-4 and 5 and in Season 6.

Stacey Ehrmantraut

The widow of Mike's son Marty only has a very brief scene in Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 13, "All Out", waving to Mike as he sends Kelly home. As the relationship between Mike and Stacy was explored more deeply, the character took on a bigger role in Better Call Saul, giving audiences a deeper understanding of Mike's motivations in Breaking Bad. Played by Kerry Condon, who most recently appeared on Inisherin's Banshees, Stacey is still grieving and terrified for his and Kaylee's lives after Matty's murder, but also serves as Mike's emotional counselor and support throughout Better Call Saul.


Obnoxious stockbroker Ken (Kyle Bornheimer) apparently wasn't ashamed after being scammed by Kim and Jimmy in the Season 2 episode of Better Call Saul 1. "Switch". He later became an early victim of Walter White after dismembering Walter in the bank parking lot. Later in Breaking Bad season 1, episode 4, "Cancer Man," Walter wrecks Ken's BMW by placing a wet squeegee between the conductors of the car's battery. When Ken got back into his car, it burst into flames, along with the obnoxious "KEN WINS" license plate. Maybe that's finally enough to convince Ken to change his ways.

Officer Saxton

In Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 3 "I.F.T", when Walter White refuses to be evicted from his home, Officer Saxton (Stony Westmoreland) is extremely helpless and unintentionally gives Skyler (Anna Gunn) the chance to expose Walter's criminals in The Enterprise. It shouldn't have surprised the officer that she didn't take up Saxton's offer. He had previously responded to a similar suspicious call from Daniel Wormald (Mark Proksch), the original Walter White character whose stash of baseball cards and pills was stolen by Nacho in Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1 "Switch" gone.


Krazy-8 (Maximino Arciniega) was Jesse Pinkman's original business partner before Walter White made the big decision to join the meth business. In Better Call Saul, it is revealed that before breaking Krazy-8 goes out alone with Jesse, a close friend of Nacho Varga and one of the drug dealers in Salamanca's drug empire. After Nacho beat him up on the orders of Hector Salamanca, it was no surprise that he decided to go his own way.

Hector Salamanca

When Better Call Saul prepares to introduce Gustavo Fring in season 3, Hector Salamanca (Margolis) is an integral part of the assembly. Going into Better Call Saul, viewers might assume that Gus is responsible for Hector's condition. However, tension between Vargas and Salamancas leads to Nacho putting Hector in a wheelchair while Gus saves his life, still hoping that one day he will avenge the death of his partner Max.

The Salamanca Cousins

Breaking Bad's dreaded dumb enforcers Salamanca Cousins ​​(Daniel and Luis Moncada) are also an inevitable addition to Better Call Saul, first appearing in Season 2 Episode 6 "Bali Ha'i", when they try to Intimidate Mike Ehrmantraut and Stacy by threatening Kaylee. The twins frequently appear on Better Call Saul, flanking an ailing Hector and providing Jimmy with the cash he needs to secure Lalo's bail.


Lawson (Jim Beaver, who sold Walter White the M-60 he needed to build his remote-controlled machine gun in the Breaking Bad finale, popped up to assist Mike in Better Call Saul season 2. During Mike's conflict with Salamancas, he visits Lawson to buy a sniper rifle to kill Hector. Presumably Lawson was included in the black book owned by Better Call Saul's vet, leading to his contact details ending up in the hands of Breaking Bad season 3's Saul Goodman. ^Stephanie is another great example of the rich world created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. On Better Call Saul season 2, episode 7, "Inflated," a familiar real estate agent sells Mike's daughter-in-law and granddaughter their idyllic new home. Instead of casting another actor to play a different real estate agent, they brought back Jennifer Hastie to play real estate agent Stephanie Doswell, who discovers Marie during the opening house of Breaking Bad kleptomaniac.

Stephanie Doswell

Fran (Debriana Mancini) only appears once in Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 2 "Idyll", where she serves Mike and Lydia. She's on good terms with Mike, Loyola's family restaurant was revealed on "Better Call Saul" Mike's. At Loyola's, Mike chats frequently with Fran and befriends Hector Salamanca, Jimmy McGill and Mike's potential love interest Anita, among others.


Better Call Saul reveals how Saul Goodman's Huell (Lavell Crawford) first entered Jimmy McGill's orbit. In Better Call Saul season 3, episode 5, "Deceitful," Huell is hired to implant a phone ahead of Chuck McGill's (Michael McKean) lawyer's hearing to question Brother Jimmy's mental health. Since then, Huell has been a witness to Kim and Jimmy's wedding, assisted them in taking on Howard Hamlin, and earned a spot on Saul Goodman's "A-Team."

Huell Babineaux

Unlike Huell, Better Call Saul doesn't reveal how Gus Fring's loyal Breaking Bad henchmen, Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) and Tyrus (Ray Campbell), work for the meth boss. They may have been exposed to Better Call Saul's Gus Fring when Gus Fring was in San Diego, but it's unclear exactly how the three met. They've been hired by Los Pollos Hermanos in Better Call Saul Season 3, leaving Mike with a note warning him not to assassinate Hector Salamanca. Later, Mike tracks Victor, but is outwitted by Flynn's enforcers, leading to The fateful encounter between Mike and Gus establishes their Breaking Bad relationship.

Victor and Tyrus

Better Call Saul explores the cartel by reintroducing Gus Fring, who also reintroduces the characters of Juan Bolsa (Javier Grajeda) and Don Eladio (Steven Bauer). Gus barely conceals his hatred for the two men, making their scenes charmingly dynamic as viewers know he's going to exact revenge on the cartel in Breaking Bad. In Better Call Saul, they manipulate Hector and Gus for their own financial gain. This self-interest means it's not hard to see why Mike wanted Nacho to kill Juan Bolsa in Better Saul season 6.

Juan Bolsa and Don Eladio

Lydia's (Laura Fraser) role in creating Gus Flynn's superlab is revealed in Better Saul Season 3, Episode 6 "Off Brand", when she sends Gus Flynn to Introduced to the laundromat. Lydia's role in Madrigal Electromotive is further explained in Better Call Saul, as she gets Mike to launder money as the company's security advisor. Lydia later suggested the assassination of Lalo Salamanca in prison, foreshadowing what would happen to Gus' former employee in Breaking Bad season 5 later. ^Saul Goodman's no-nonsense secretary Frances Calidi (Tina Parker) was one of the few people who correctly confronted Walter White in full Heisenberg mode, blackmailing him for money to fix her office door. Better Call Saul reveals how Francesca was originally hired by Wexler McGill's fledgling company before Jimmy's suspension and Kim's car accident forced the company to close. Francesca returns in Season 6 and later informs Jimmy, then via alter-ego Genta Kavic, of the status of the post-Heisenberg affair in Albuquerque.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Gus Fring's enigmatic doctor, Barry Goodman (JB Blanc), made his debut in Breaking Bad when Gus poisoned himself as part of his plot to exact revenge on Juan Bolsa and Don Eladio. Better Call Saul learns more about the character, but also raises more questions. After Nacho's attempted assassination of Hector, Gus hires him to give him a second opinion on Hector's condition. Barry also takes care of Mike when he is sent to the quiet Mexican village where there is a monument to Gus' lover Max. It's unclear how Gus managed to assemble such a lean emergency medical team, but it's another hint of just how influential Fring really is in Breaking bad universe.


Gale Boetticher (David Costabile), Gus' favorite Breaking Bad replacement for Jesse Pinkman, appears in Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 3 "Something Beautiful". Like Walter White, Gale also taught chemistry in colleges rather than elementary schools. Gus was initially reluctant to hire Gale to run the superlab, but eventually hired Gale to become the superlab's only meth chef, thus ending his tragic fate in Breaking Bad.

Barry Goodman

Ira (Franc Ross) is the pest controller who provides the front line for Walt and Jesse to continue their meth business in Breaking Bad season 5 after the super lab is discovered. He's also a career thief, helping Jimmy McGill steal a rare Hummel figurine first seen in Better Call Saul season 1, episode 5, "Alpine Shepherd Boy". It turns out to be a lucrative job for both Ira and Jimmy, and after telling Jimmy he has a different phone for each job, Ira inadvertently gives Jimmy the idea of ​​selling disposable phones.

Gale Boetticher

Nick (Eric Steinig), a member of Gus' security team, is shot and killed by Don Eladio's sniper Gaff (Maurice Compte) in Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 9 "Bug". he has a Plays a bigger role in Better Call Saul as part of the security details assigned to Gus' meth superlab build. Nick also helped dispose of Howard Hamlin's body in Better Call Saul season 6, episode 8, "Aim and Shoot."


Better Call Saul fans seem to believe that Ed Galbraith, the man who made Saul Goodman, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman disappear, will do the same for Kim Wexler things. However, the death of actor Robert Forster made that less likely. The character did appear on Better Call Saul season 4 when he got a call from Jimmy McGill asking him to provide a new identity after being threatened. Ultimately, Jimmy decides to confront the issue head-on, which leads to his arrest and imprisonment in the Better Call Saul finale.


Like Mike's granddaughter, Sunshine Realty's Jodi Nichols was played by two different actors in Breaking Bad (Beth Bailey) and Better Call Saul (Audrey Walters). However, this means that Jodi Nichols who tried to sell Aunt Jesse's house while Krazy-8 was imprisoned in the cellar is the same Jodi Nichols who tried and failed to sell the palatial home to Kim and Jimmy in Better Call Saul Season 5, Episode 2, "50% Off".

Ed Galbraith

Albuquerque Police Department homicide detective Tim Roberts (Nigel Gibbs) has been investigating cartel activity for years before appearing in Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 5, "Shotguns". Gun" finds Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) seeking help in Gail Boetticher's murder. In Better Call Saul, Roberts is investigating the murder of Fred Whalen in Lalo Salamanca. Thanks to the creative efforts of Jimmy McGill, Lalo escaped the murder.

Jodi Nichols

In Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 3 "The Guy for This", DEA agents Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and Steve Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) interrogate Krazy-8, whose arrest was engineered by Lalo Salamanca to disrupt Gus' drug operation. Although they seize a decent amount of drugs with the help of Krazy-8's information, Hank is disappointed that they didn't catch Gus' henchman Diego. Hank and Steve finally uncovered Gus Flynn's drug network in Breaking Bad. Hank and Steve's DEA colleague Harry Lipenstein (Robert Sanchez), who had a recurring small role on Breaking Bad, also appeared with them in Better Call Saul season 5, episode 4, "Come Ten ceremony".

Tim Roberts

As head of Madrigal's fast food division, Peter Schuler (Norbert Weisser) was heavily involved in Gus Fring's Los Pollos Hermanos and the meth empire are its fronts. In Breaking Bad season 5, episode 2, "Idyll," Schuler would rather commit suicide than be questioned by authorities about his relationship with Gus Flynn. In Better Call Saul season 5, episode 7, "JMM," Gus and Peter meet to discuss the delays at the superlab. Peter is understandably nervous about being caught, and he's asked if he remembers Santiago, suggesting the two have faced dangerous situations together in the past.

Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez

Jimmy McGill establishes himself as criminal lawyer Saul Goodman after Lalo Salamanca clears himself of murder charges, attracting a motley assortment of dubious characters. One of them is Spooge (David Ury), "Just Spooge", who later holds up Skinny Pete in Breaking Bad series 2 episode 5, "Breakage". When Jesse tried to retrieve the drugs, he witnessed the tragic death of Spurge's Breaking Bad when his head was crushed by the ATM he was trying to open.

Peter Schuler

When Kim breaks down on the bus back to the airport near the end of Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12 "Waterworks", a passenger comforts her. bus passenger Played by Holly Rice, she also played a colleague of Walter White's at J.P. Wynne High. In Breaking Bad season 3, episode 1 "No Más", she appears briefly at a special school assembly commemorating the Wayfarer 515 disaster. She has the necessary experience in dealing with tragedy to comfort Kim's guilt over Howard's shocking death.


In Breaking Bad, drug addict and sex worker Wendy (Julia Minesi) was one of Jesse Pinkman's regular clients, and provided him with unfathomable benefits when he and Walter were kidnapped by Tuco. Proof of presence. Wendy returns to Better Call Saul to help Kim and Jimmy frame Howard Hamlin. Jimmy hires Wendy and dresses up to drive Howard's car, throwing Wendy out of the car in front of Kim and Clifford Maine (Ed Begley Jr.), giving the impression that Howard Hamlin is in a drug addiction in the agony of self-destruction.


Emilio Koyama (John Koyama) was the first to be killed by Walter White. A former school friend of Jesse Pinkman, he cooked meth with Jesse before their lab was destroyed by Hank in the Breaking Bad pilot and DEA raids. In Better Call Saul, Kim bumps into Emilio upon entering the offices of Saul Goodman & Associates, recalling how Jesse was inspired to hire a lawyer after twice successfully defending his old classmate. Intriguingly, the gap between Emilio's first and last appearances also set a new Breaking Bad record.


Austin Ramey (Todd Terry), one of Hank's fellow DEA agents in the El Paso office, first appeared in Breaking Bad season 2, episode 3, "Bitten by a Dead Bee", in which he Reported the shooting to Hank in Tuco Salamanca. Later, Austin, one of the agents, swears to Mary that he will do whatever it takes to find Hank and Steve's bodies. In the Better Call Saul finale, Ramey attended Jimmy McGill's trial and watched as justice was finally served for Hank and Steve.

Emilio Koyama

Also present at Jimmy McGill's trial was Mary Schrader (Betsy Brandt), Skyler White's sister-in-law and Hank's widow. She is the only member of the extended Walter White family to return to Better Call Saul in the post-Breaking Bad timeline. While she's known to have made a deal, what happened to Skyler White after Breaking Bad was Mostly unknown. It's unclear if Mary and her sister ever reconciled, but watching Jimmy get removed for his role in Walter White's Empire gave her some comfort in the fact that justice had been done.

Austin Ramey

Conceivably, Jesse Pinkman could have appeared in a post-timeline of the final Breaking Bad episodes. However, a return to Albuquerque or a surprise appearance in Nebraska could jeopardize the freedom he found on Breaking Bad. So instead, Aaron Paul's cameo on Better Call Saul season 6 appears in flashback. The first was when Jessie and Walter kidnapped Saul Goodman for the first time, and the second was before Breaking Bad when he met Kim Wexler outside the offices of Saul Goodman & Associates near the end of Better Call Saul's penultimate episode, "Waterworks."

Marie Schrader

Walter White's Better Call Saul cameo is handled so brilliantly that it never feels like empty fan service. In both the RV scene after kidnapping Saul and Ed Galbraith's safe house scene, he is shown to be arrogant and condescending toward Jesse and Jimmy. It was this arrogance and arrogance that ultimately led to his death. remind the audience of walter's The stark black-and-white cinematography of the criminal, trial scenes in the final few episodes of Better Call Saul gives us a sense of just how evil Breaking Bad's protagonist really is.

Jesse Pinkman

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Walter White

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