A Piece Confirming Mihawk's Seraphim Has Devil Fruits

One Piece is easily the deadliest foe the Straw Hats have ever faced, and the S-Mihawk just proved to be even stronger.

One Piece fans were taken aback when the latest chapter in the series confirmed that Mihawk's Seraphim counterpart, S-Hawk, was carrying an unknown Devil Fruit via Dr. Vegapunk's mechanics. This revelation caused a stir in the One Piece community, as it completely changed readers' understanding of Seraphim Mihawk's abilities and his place in the series.

For those unfamiliar with One Piece, Devil Fruits are special fruits that grant unique abilities to those who eat them, but also deprive them of the ability to swim. There are three types of Devil Fruits: Paramecia, which grants users superhuman abilities; Zoan, which allows users to transform into animal or hybrid forms; and Logia, which allows users to transform and manipulate specific elements. Of the three, Logia is generally considered the strongest, Zoans the rarest, and Paramecia the more common. It seems that given the vast variation in the capabilities and composition of each fruit, there will be significant hurdles to overcome in replicating any of their powers. As the infamous Dr. Vegapunk recently revealed, he was previously only able to create replicas of animal Devil Fruits, but One of his new inventions may have just revolutionized the balance of power in the world and gave S-Hawk one of the most shattering abilities in the series.

Mihawk has long been portrayed as one of the most powerful characters in the series, but his true strength has been unknown. He's an eternally majestic figure in the One Piece universe, and has earned his notorious reputation by literally destroying hordes of pirates and marines. It's only natural to conclude that Dr. Vegapunk's Mihawk clone, the S-Hawk, is somewhat similar in strength to the original. Given that S-Hawk also has Lunarian DNA, and possibly other enhancements, the possibility that S-Hawk has even more potential than its predecessor isn't entirely out of the question. Vegapunk's cutting-edge technology, Green Blood, allows users to maintain the abilities of paramecium-like Devil Fruits as long as green blood is flowing in their veins. The fact that S-Hawk has a green bloodbelt necessarily means he's also capable of utilizing some sort of paramecia ability.

Which Devil Fruit Power Will Mihawk's Seraphim Gain?

So, which paramecia fruits of One Piece might S-Hawk have? Considering that candidates go almost exclusively Comprised of former or current Impel Down inmates, there's some notable foreboding. The first is the paramecia used by Don Quixote Doflamingo, which allows him to control the strings. Doflamingo is supposed to be imprisoned in Advance City at the moment, and it's thematically appropriate for S-Hawk to use his devil fruit ability, which takes advantage of his ability to slice through almost anything. Another unlikely candidate for Paramecia's power might actually be Budge's fruit, making him nearly immune to being cut open, which is a huge advantage to any skilled duelist. That being said, the most likely devil fruit that S-Hawk has is neither Doflamingo's nor Bucky's. In fact, S-Hawk seems most likely to use the same Devil Fruit as the former Mr. 1, aka Daz Bones, the alligator's right-hand man. Dazburns' Devil Fruit can turn any part of his body into a sharp blade. This kind of power endows a swordsman of Mihawk's level with incredible power.

One Piece's S-Hawk hopes to quickly become one of the most powerful characters in the entire series. Fans are anxiously awaiting what news S-Hawk's actual Devil Fruit powers are, but until then the true nature of his abilities remained a secret.

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