1899: 10 Crazy Theories That Might Be True

The first season of 1899 didn't just answer questions, it opened up so much more. These are some of the craziest theories about what's to come.

Like many great suspense dramas before it, "1899" left viewers with more questions than answers after its first season. Before Season 2 is released on Netflix, fans across the internet will be able to imagine the answers everyone is looking for.

For a series like 1899, conceptualizing is half the fun. This season is so rich in symbolism, references, and details that it's on the fan's mind that viewers will see more before the next installment. Many theories have already begun to surface and gain traction.

Maura Didn't Escape The Simulation

In the season 1 finale, Mora wakes up to find herself on a spaceship with her companions from Kerberos and Prometheus still bound in a tube. The moment appears to be her escape from the simulation, but many fans speculate it's just another layer.

This season already fooled viewers with Henry Singleton's reality, expecting him to be a puppeteer, then revealing that he was just in another layer of simulation. There is no evidence to doubt that the spaceship of 2099 is not just another part of the simulation, or that audiences will even Know what is really going on in this world.

The Passengers Are All Prisoners

While the first few episodes of the season delved into the various characters aboard the Kerberos, the final few episodes focused on Maura and her family. This begs the question of why all of these characters matter in the first place.

With more seasons to come, hopefully there will be some explanation for the relevance of all the supporting characters to the central plotline. An early theory was that they were all prisoners stuck together, possibly due to related events or tragedy.

The Simulation Is A Test Of Morality

The concept of human behavior is mentioned several times throughout the series. Henry Singleton observes the events on Kerberos and comments on how it reflects on humanity, noting the mutiny as an example of the passengers' failure to work together.

This implies that the simulation is some kind of moral test, and if Henry is on another layer of the simulation, he may be a part of it as well. It could also mean that all of these characters are AI, and the simulation is a space to test their human programming. Many 1899's The best quotes suggest a theme of human introspection, so this is likely to be an important one.

Daniel And Elliot Are Dead

Daniel and Elliott seem to have a higher understanding of the events taking place in the simulation than most other characters. The multi-layered simulation of madness, if created by Mora, could indicate that her loved ones are dead, and the layers are projections of her grief.

The real-world events surrounding the family may be the main explanation for the state of the simulation, and will be one of the main mysteries going forward. Based on his knowledge of the simulation, Daniel is one of the smartest characters in 1899, but the question going forward will be how he acquires this knowledge.

The Passengers Aren't Real People

The idea of ​​extending the morality test is to suggest that the roles on Kerberos are all AI. This could suggest that the characters were designed by Maura, or include Maura, and put them in elaborate situations to see their reactions.

Maura appears to have played a role in the creation of this virtual world, and is believed to be either its designer or herself. episode start Mora's voice tells a character to wake up, indicating that she is at the heart of this reality. Some of the best tweets about 1899 praised these openers for their engaging introduction to each episode.

The Real Reality Is In The '70s

If the 2099 spaceship is still part of the simulation, then the question of what the real reality is has been raised. Fans noticed that the screen in Henry Singleton's office used to watch Kerberos passengers appeared to be from the 70s.

Not only that, but the music in the series at the end of each episode is largely from the 70s, possibly hinting at the wider reality of the world. Although artificial intelligence and simulation are far beyond the technological capabilities of this era, they are still a fictional world.

Eyk Is The Key

For a series as detailed as 1899, every character, scene and line delivered would be extensively analyzed for clues. Fans were quick to notice that the name Eyk is an anagram of Key. Unlike most of the other characters on the ship who had nothing to do with Maura before the journey began, Ike still seemed to matter by the end.

This puts Eyk in important among other roles. Theories suspect that he may have been a central part of Escaping the Sim, and some believe he was actually Maura's true romantic interest, as they had a very natural and good chemistry in season one.

Ciaran Isn't Maura's Brother

Maura's thoughts refer to her brother throughout the season, only to find out at the end that her brother manipulated the simulation. The name Ciaran was revealed, leading to a lot of theories about the character.

Many suspect that Ciaran is not Maura's brother. A possible alternative is that Ciaran is Elliot in a way. This is due to the origin of the name Ciaran, which means "little black hair". Another theory is that Ciaran is another part of Mora's psyche. Regardless, he's her real biological brother, and it seems unlikely that things will go smoothly.

The Triangles

A specific triangle symbol can be seen in several places throughout the series, and each character has some sort of triangle on their clothing or printed on their bodies. The current view is that the triangle represents the Earth.

This opens up some theories about the spaceship or the show as a whole. Some believe the spaceship is real, suggesting the passengers are fleeing Earth, while other fans even say the simulation may have been created by aliens. The purpose of the triangle was one of the main questions fans had about 1899 after the first season.

The Bugs

A mysterious element on Kerberos is the little green bug that Elliot and Daniel use to open the door. These bugs can be engineered for a purpose, such as allowing Elliott to have a pet he named Alfred from the real world.

Alternatively, the error could simply be a computer error. While they may have been inspired by Maura's memories of beetles that Elliott wanted to keep, they could still be small errors in her simulations, used by the more knowledgeable Elliott and Daniel to trick reality.

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