1,000-pound sisters: How Tammy Slaton celebrates New Year's Eve

The 1,000-pound sisters are getting ready for the new season, which premieres this month, and wondering what Tammy Slayton was up to on New Year's Eve.

Tammy Slaton has been keeping a low profile, but with a new season of 1,000-pound sisters on the horizon, curious fans want to know how she's doing in the new year. 2022 isn't easy for Tammy as she checks into a rehab center in Ohio after a near-death experience. Now, Tammy is recovering and she is looking forward to a happy and healthy 2023.

Over the years, Tammy has been advised to lose weight for health reasons, and she shares that she is addicted to food. While her older sister, Amy Slaton Halterman, was eligible for gastric bypass surgery in season one, Tammy has been known to sabotage herself with her less-than-cute attitude. Fans of the 1,000-pound sister don't think she's committed to living a healthier lifestyle, as she's often been spotted drinking, smoking and eating high-calorie snacks. However, after her lungs failed, Tammy appeared to be reborn. She started to make some positive changes.

Tammy Said Goodbye to 2022

1000-lb Sisters fans noticed that Tammy's Instagram was quiet during the holidays, but her TikTok had some new uploads ahead of Jan. 1. She Shows Off Her Slim New Figure in a Singing Montage Featuring Cindy Lou Hoo from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. While Tammy didn't share any of her plans for celebrating 2023, fans can tell she's still in rehab and likely enjoying a cozy evening with her husband, Caleb Willingham.

1000-lb Sisters Fans React To Tammy's New Look

On Jan. 3, Tammy posted another close-up on TikTok of her shaking her head at Doja Cat's Tia Tamera with the lyrics "Doja hit so sticky, I say thank you very much". Tammy wears a tie-up red top, and her face is visibly thinner. The 1,000-pound sister stars wore their hair in braids. As is customary, Tammy used a filter and fans rushed to comment in support of her weight loss efforts. Her followers shared that she has done "good work" and should "keep up" the good work.

1000 Pound Sisters season 4 premieres this month, and fans are excited about the long-awaited update. The new installment will feature Tammy finally being cleared for bariatric surgery and provide information on her recovery in rehab. TLC cameras were also able to capture her romance with Caleb, as fans will also be able to watch the wedding. Tammy is only five days away from 2023, but it looks like this could be her best year yet.

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1,000 Pound Sisters premieres Jan. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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