10 Phase 4 MCU Characters to Play in Dungeons & Dragons (And How to Build Them)

Phase 4 of the MCU is finally over, and with everyone finding their feet, it's a great time to start building these newcomers in 5e.

With Phase 4 of the MCU wrapping up a few weeks ago with the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special, it's a good time to reflect on all the premieres. Meanwhile, Honor Among Thieves is making waves in the Dungeons & Dragons community. These two lines of thought inevitably collide.

Phase 4 MCU is well suited for 5e character builds. Unlike their comic book counterparts, power sets are far less complex. Each character's backstory and powers are so streamlined that they fit easily into the Dungeons & Dragons category.

Kang - Chronurgy Wizard 20

After Thanos disappears, the MCU's main villain, Kang, the Conqueror claims to be the Master of Time. During his incredibly long life, he has learned nearly everything there is to know about reality and the flow of time. The Time Wizard is a perfect fit for Kang. Technically, Kang is the only character in Phase 4 that deserves a power level of 20 right from the start.

Chronal Shift, Momentary Stasis, and Arcane Abeyance are his "secondary" ways of disrupting the timeline. Time awareness can be described as he "always knows what comes first". Converging the future, choosing health A schedule that best suits his goals. As a 30th century human, he would be a mutant with a feat of alarm, since he's never surprised by anything. He has seen it.

Kate Bishop - Thief Rogue 3/Battle Master Fighter 17

Kate Bishop is Hawkeye's "protégé", and despite her inexperience, has proven to be a formidable fighter in her own right. Her intelligence and youthful vigor are her greatest assets. Thief Rogue is off to a good start, as she does kick off the series by successfully stealing the Ronin suit. From there, the combat master rank reflects her military prowess and tactical acumen.

Archery is an obvious fighting style. For the feat, choose the Sharpshooter as it synergizes really well with the Precision Attack maneuver. Other moves to learn are evasive footwork, parrying, and counterattacking. After all, she learned these moves from her fencing instructor. From there, just maximize the preferred ASI.

Shang Chi - Astral Self Monk 20

Shang-Chi has largely brought the fascination of martial arts back to the masses. There is no better job for Hisashi than the Chiken monk. For the subtypes, the astral self can easily be regarded as the legendary Shangchi who obtained the taste of the ten rings. Just re-infuse those psychic weapons into the ring itself.

"Rings" provide greater range, count as unarmed strikes, and grant mystical boons with a deep connection to the soul. The improved AC and incredible DPS certainly lend themselves to the "one man army" aspect as well. For this feat, Mobile will unleash Shang-Chi's bonus moves for more combos, and simulate Shang-Chi's agility against villains in combat.

America Chavez - Horizon Walker Ranger 13/Champion Fighter 7

America Chavez is at the heart of the aptly named "Multiverse of Madness", so it's only natural that she would become Horizon Walker. Detect Portal is self-explanatory, while Ethereal Step and Distant Strike reflect the instinctive decision of the United States to switch between different fields in order to protect itself. Champion Fighter's traits and Planar Warrior are her superpowers.

As for merit, Lucky seems like an ironic choice, but it's another way to spice up her constant use of her powers to avoid deadly situations. Spells like Mist Walk and Banish also match her portal power. As for her fighting style, unarmed combat is the most reasonable. She prefers to fight, as her goofy Superman fists show.

Ms. Marvel - Genie Warlock 6/Storm Sorcerer 14

Kamala Khan does not "acquire" her powers when the bracelet is unlocked. That being said, the nature of her powers is Strapped to a container of powerful cosmic powers, making her perfect for elven warlocks. Djinni is the best fit mechanically, since Thunder spells tend to have the "shock effect" that Kamala constructs have.

The container is the bracelet. At level 6, Kamala gains 10 minutes of flying speed, which is easily seasoned as she uses her hard light platform to walk in the air. From here, the Storm Wizard class is adopted, reflecting Kamala's cosmic heritage. Tempestuous Magic once again "flies" using a lightweight platform. All lightning and thunder spells are also easily affected by her build. For perks, War Caster is great for survivability and extra offense.

Agatha Harkness - Enchantment Wizard 20

Agatha Harkness was a powerful witch who long studied magic. She's powerful enough to trick the unstable and powerful Wanda Maximoff into making her wounds magnify. In addition, due to her long-term study of magic, she also has a large number of different spells. Enchanter is the best choice for Agatha's perk. For race, a half-elf is a good fit to represent her witch lineage.

Hypnotic Gaze and Instinctive Charm reflect her supernatural charm, while Split Enchantment makes her enchantment more powerful. The tastiest feature to get here, Alter Memories, is exactly what she did to Wanda. She keeps her unaware of her influence and manipulates her into absorbing her power. Anything else in Agatha's arsenal could easily be duplicated by the vast arsenal of wizard spells. War Caster is a great feat of Agatha.

Jack Russell - Beast Barbarian 20

The newest addition to the MCU, Jack Russell, is a classic "Night of the Werewolf". Thankfully, no subgenre is better at representing werewolves than Beast Savage. Beast form is almost straightforward. Choose Talon, as this is Jack's main attack in werewolf form. Bestial Soul makes Jack's attacks magical. For the form change, choose a form that enhances Jack's ability to jump.

Infectious Fury is Jack's presence causing enemies to panic and lash out. The call to the hunt is Jack's surprisingly kind nature, as seen in his devotion to friends and allies. As for the feat, choose Slasher as it synergizes really well with Claws. Slowdowns and disadvantages shouldn't just show how scary it is to fight Jack in melee.

Sylvie - Archfey Warlock 20

Sylvie, a variant Lovely Loki, familiar yet different. She is stronger and more aggressive than Loki. Also, her powers are based on magic, not hallucinations. Archfey Warlock is best suited to Sylvie's special skills, which focus on melee combat. Fey Presence is self-explanatory, as her charming charm will disorient enemies.

Misty Escape fits the trickster's fighting style, disappearing when the pile of cards is in front of them. Beguiling Defenses' attempts to confuse Sylvie backfired, which dovetailed with her gruff nature towards Loki. Dark Delirium is where Sylvie makes her opponents enter their memories, and happens to be her most impressive magic move. Ethnically, Aasimar is suitable for people of Asgardian ancestry. As for the patron, the taste of DnD may be the strength her mother gave her.

She-Hulk - Eloquence Bard 3/Totem Barbarian 17

Jennifer Walters in the MCU doesn't embrace her She-Hulk persona with the same vigor as her comic book counterpart. However, She-Hulk is defined by her deft persuasion skills as a lawyer, as well as her gamma energy. Eloquence Bard covers the Lawyer part, as Silver Tongue and Unsetting Words are the core traits of Lawyer.

As for specialization, Observant is best suited for Jennifer's analytical side. for her she-hulk Formally, the Totemic Barbarian fits the bill perfectly. For levels 3 and 6, bear totems should be used as they deal with her durability and strength. By level 14, the Eagle Totem mirrors one of Jennifer's favorite acquired Hulk abilities, jumping high.

Moon Knight - Hexblade Warlock 2/Samurai Fighter 18

Moon Knight has one of the coolest character designs in Marvel history, and his live-action debut has been a long time coming. The Moon Knight was born thanks to an agreement between Marc Spector and the moon god Khonshu. As the moonlight knight, Mark has become Kong Shu's weapon against the villains of the night. Khonshu is Mark's patron. To reflect Steven's side, choose a custom Scholar background well versed in history and arcana.

Felblade fits the vengeful side of Moon Knight, with a single-minded pursuit of justice. Samurai Fighter's traits perfectly mirror all of Khonshu's physical buffs. Elegant courtiers and extra proficiency in insight reflect Steven's academic intelligence. The "skills expert" expertise should be seen as an expertise in history, which is a key part of Steven's character. The switch between Moon Knight and Mr. Knight can be solved by adding flavor to the fighting spirit.

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