10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Playing GTA Online

There are few experiences in video games quite like the chaotic fun of GTA Online, but there are some things players should avoid whenever possible.

Considering how long it's been an online multiplayer staple, it's amazing that GTA Online continues to give players reasons to keep coming back, even letting players play the game for the first time this holiday season. While it's far from perfect, the ridiculous amount of content means that GTA Online is still a gaming experience like no other.

Of course, it's far from perfect, and it's easy for players to pick up some bad habits when toxic players and repetitive quests start to affect the experience. From seasoned players to GTA Online veterans, these are some of the mistakes that many players make while playing the game. ^GTA Online is full of investment opportunities, and it can be hard to know how to spend your money wisely when there are so many different options. However, even the best players make unwise investments from time to time, and the worst are those who never make any money back.

Making Big Purchases That Won't Make Money Back

Whether it's an impulse purchase of a shiny new expensive car, or the most expensive Aquarius yacht to show off to other players, everyone is committing short-sighted buying these days, and again. While it's fun, players often look back on them with regret.

While GTA Online will eventually make the most gullible, open-minded new players cynical, there probably aren't many players who haven't been victims of their trusting nature at some point. Not every server is the same, but nearly all contain players who aren't as friendly as they seem.

Being Too Trusting Of Other Players

GTA Online may be light-hearted and enjoyable most of the time, but it sometimes requires the vigilance and suspicion of the player like a survival game. There's nothing more humiliating than dying or failing from another player's trap, so it's worth keeping in mind.

One lesson many GTA Online players have learned the hard way is to be very careful when other players appear to be particularly well equipped or are driving some of the game's more impressive vehicles (such as the gigantic Terrorbyte truck) . For players who are not so well equipped, it is best to avoid fighting these people as much as possible.

Provoking Surprisingly Strong Players

Sure, it's easy Inadvertently pissed off another player, so it's inevitable that most players will blunder at some point and piss off those who can't be messed with. With any luck, they'll quickly lose interest after showing off what the best gear and vehicles in the game are capable of.

Completing heists is a core part of the GTA Online experience, and while it may be different for those who always have friends online, it's quite possible that most players will probably have to complete a heist with a stranger at some point. However, that doesn't mean it's still not a team effort.

Trying To Be The Hero In Heists

While it might be easier to think of them as mindless NPCs, other players want to do their part to complete the quest. That's why one of the worst things a player can do is approach them like they're an action hero, ready to charge in and brawl the enemy. Not only is this annoying to other people, but it also makes it harder to complete tasks.

Going on missions with other players is naturally more risky than playing with friends or familiar faces, but Doesn't mean it's worth avoiding at all costs, because it's not always guaranteed to go wrong. However, there is one type of task that can be especially painful to attempt with strangers.

Trying To Complete Prison Break Heist With Strangers

The bugs, extended stealth sections, and tricky flying phases are difficult in themselves, but the fact that every member of the team plays a vital role makes the jailbreak heist difficult to pull off. All it takes is one lower-level team member or someone who doesn't take things seriously to throw the whole thing away, leaving players wishing they hadn't even tried.

GTA Online's vast open world contains a large number of quests for the player to complete, and they vary in variety. Unfortunately, it's fair to say that quests do start to repeat after a while, but that's when all the other stuff comes into play.

Focusing Too Much On GTA Online's Missions

There are tons of fun things to do in GTA Online, except mindlessly completing one mission after another and ignoring them is the fastest way to get bored with the game and eventually lose interest. While many players make this mistake, This can easily be avoided by simply taking some time to explore the game and all it has to offer.

Buying snacks before a mission is just as important as stocking up on ammo, but it's also something some players end up doomed to neglect. That's unfortunate, because there's nothing worse than opening an inventory to find a giant empty space.

Forgetting To Buy Snacks For Missions

To avoid running around in a blind panic looking for ways to refuel or accepting the fact that the mission is doomed, it is important to remember to refuel beforehand. However, even the best players have bad habits, and forgetting to buy a snack can be one of the worst things to happen in GTA Online.

There are few great games that cannot be enjoyed by a single player, and GTA Online is no exception. Whether it's good for a co-op effort or some old-school PVP action someone's looking for, the game offers plenty of opportunities to get it without any online friends.

Not Playing GTA Online With Friends

However, like all good things, GTA Online is best enjoyed with friends. From easier communication during quests to the sheer chaos of exploring Los Santos as a team, few Having a gaming experience with friends doesn't make it any better. That's why it would be wrong to miss out on the whole extra aspect of the game.

Online games are usually at their best because everyone is involved just to have fun, and GTA Online, with so many ridiculous missions and fun matches, is perfect for that. However, one thing that can spoil the experience is players taking things too seriously.

Taking GTA Online Too Seriously

While technically there's nothing wrong with trying everything to achieve a high K/D ratio and get to the top of the food chain, GTA Online veterans complain more than anything about "trying hard" players. Competition is natural, but going too far can end up detracting from the overall experience.

While most players consider spoilers to be a completely separate and toxic group of players, even normally friendly players can sometimes fall into the trap of ruining other players' experiences. Most GTA Online players enjoy PVP at times, it's part of the game experience, but the competitiveness can easily spill over into something more negative.

Griefing Other GTA Online Players

Not every player feels guilty about this, but it serves as a reminder to those who do get too nervous to occasionally take a step back and make sure their actions don't negatively affect other players. Being a victim of toxicity can feel like it's just the norm, but it's almost always better to break the cycle.

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