10 Missed Opportunities in Marvel's Midnight Sun

Marvel's Midnight Suns were a hit and contributed to the Marvel universe in unique ways, even if some missed opportunities.

Marvel's Midnight Sun was a huge success recently, pitting some of Earth's mightiest heroes against the dark forces of the mysterious side of the Marvel Universe. While Supernatural's narrative leveraged years of Marvel Comics' storytelling experience, there were still some missed opportunities.

Whether it's the beats the game hits, the characters it includes, or the gameplay options, while the game is great, there's still room for improvement.

A Wider Gaming Universe

The Marvel Gamingverse has been talked about a lot before. It's a calculated plan that could see multiple video game companies working on the same ground, creating interconnected stories. But it never materialized.

There is something to be said about the scope of creative freedom of Open Studios, freeing them from the continuity constraints of a shared universe. But it might be interesting for Firaxis to do some crossovers with Spider-Man or even Guardians of the Galaxy games to reward players for completing multiple adventures.

Multiplayer Options

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a single player game resulting in A very clear missed opportunity. Fully formed ranked games, tournament-style games, and possibly even teamwork scenarios can all be applied in online multiplayer settings for fans to enjoy.

It's nice to see a title that does one thing well, and that the campaign really benefits from that particular focus. However, some people really enjoy engaging in online battles, and it would be a boosting factor to include more multiplayer components in a way few other upcoming Marvel titles will.

More Obscure NPCs

There is some in-depth exploration of the Marvel lore contained in Midnight Sun, but there are always missed opportunities for how far the game can go. For example, a villain like Dr. Bong or Big Wheel might give the title a slightly different tone while paying homage to the comics.

Characters like the Wardens are great content, further fleshing out the background, but it would be perfect if Firaxis really showed off their comic book knowledge by adding supporting characters that might help or hinder the playable characters, which are great rarely appear on the screen.

MCU Connections

Not everything is necessarily tied to the MCU, but as the multiverse expands and fans continue to grow Look for more Easter eggs, and it'll be interesting to see what Midnight Suns does to that universe, especially when it comes to alternate skins and outfits.

However, the studio now largely misses this opportunity, relying further on the source material. Games like Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 manage to strike a nice balance between the two worlds, and Midnight Suns can do the same.

Supernatural Playable Characters

The list of playable characters is impressive, with more to come. However, a good portion of the characters involved aren't supernatural at all. Dracula, Satana, and the students of Strange Academy should all be protagonists.

It's a shame to see a character like Wolverine get another chance in a video game when such an exciting character like Man-Thing exists. There are so many characters that have never been seen in this medium, like Elsa Bloodstone, that it's a missed moment not to include more now, including as playable villains.

Moving Away From The Avengers

While there are very few MCU Easter eggs left, one notable example of the film's influence is that the title had to include the Avengers, since they are Marvel's most famous characters. captain america, The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel are all in the game.

For obvious reasons, but this game is an opportunity to shed familiar faces from other video games. Even if Firaxis gave a lesser-known team like the Thunder a chance in this case, or possibly brought in the Fantastic Four, it would set itself apart from the other versions.

Further Location Exploration

To Marvel's credit, Midnight Sun includes a remarkable array of locations. However, few of them have full access to explore. When players do have the freedom to roam an area, they encounter interesting Easter eggs, narrative beats, and the feeling of actually being in the world.

Whether it's Limbo or Hell, other settings may make for extraordinary settings where parts of the story take place, which could allow for more exploration by the player. Ultimately, this isn't an open-world game, but imagine if some aspects of it were.

Animated Links

Midnight Suns uses a very interesting storytelling device to set the scene for this game. He has created many animated short films, which made fans feel the same The backstory leading up to this adventure. They are truly original and truly exciting.

This novel idea could have been skewed further so that more people watch them and understand the importance of animated films. Perhaps having some sort of content in the game or an ongoing animated series as an episodic companion would help make the world more accessible.

Leaning Into The Morality System

The moral system employed throughout the game is a classic mechanic used in a slightly different genre. When Redditors debate what villain they want to see or what action they want to play, everyone ignores the importance of the moral system.

How the entire team perceives the player characters has a huge impact on the story. But the developers could have relied on this further, perhaps offering multiple endings to explore and even alter major narrative moments based on player decisions. This may seem like a missed opportunity when the groundwork is already in place.

Nemesis Opportunities

The Nemesis System is a program currently legally used by Warner Bros., but there are others like it can achieve the same result. Midnight Suns' unique combat system could have employed something similar.

As players continue to fight mobs in controlled environments, it would be interesting to see some of them return in some capacity, and note how they interacted with the player before. Can create a sense of continuity, which might add an interesting additional layer to combat; perhaps certain followers want revenge.

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