10 ideas for the Harry Potter TV show, according to Reddit

Reddit users have come up with many interesting ideas for a potential Harry Potter TV series, including prequels and soap operas.

Recent comments from Warner Bros. leaders indicate that there is still very strong demand for content related to the Harry Potter series. It's easy to see why that's the case, as there are plenty of stories left to tell in this universe.

Like all compelling fantasy works, Harry Potter has a rich backstory, and the endings of the major saga leave some fascinating threads to explore and recount. So it's no surprise that Reddit users are pretty eloquent about the kinds of TV series they want to see spin off from Harry Potter.

A Wildlife Series

Harry Potter, like many great fantasy series, spends a lot of time fleshing out its world, so it's not surprising to find it inhabited by many fantastical creatures. Likewise, it makes sense that many Redditors would like to see them appear in the series.

Chimpwizard proposes "a wildlife documentary series hosted by Luna and Hermione. I can imagine them arguing about the existence of certain creatures." This series would work for the reason they outlined: it would be fun to see These two beloved characters, so different in so many ways, joke around with each other, with the added bonus of seeing lots of fantastic creatures.

A Series Focusing On Voldemort’s Backstory

Voldemort is one of the best fantasy villains, made all the more fascinating by his fascinating backstory. It must be said, though, that the movie glosses over much of this, leaving a lot of room for a potential TV series.

Beggramer thought it would be interesting to see "Early Tom, and how he gets Horcruxes, etc". This route, a potential TV show could tap into the collective pop culture desire to see villains get their backstories explaining how they came to be the way they are.

The Founders Of Hogwarts

The founders of Hogwarts are apparently some key historical figures in the Harry Potter saga. And, as the brief historical snippets in the novel make clear, they're not without conflict, especially when it comes to Slytherins and their relationships with others.

JustMu96 writes "Overall, I think Hogwarts' beginnings, founders, etc. are what I would most like to see. Especially since I really like the medieval setting." Indeed, the medieval setting Could really set the series apart and make viewers feel as if they were transported back to a more primitive era of magic usage.

A Procedural Involving Aurors

The TV world is full of great programs, so it makes sense that Redditors would suggest a Harry Potter series around the genre. Th3emprial wrote about their wish: "I'd like to see a 'True Detective' style show where Aurors solve some heinous wizarding crimes and encounter various criminal witches/wizards. Nothing to do with Hogwarts at all, Also not related to anything in the books, just some American Aurors working for MACUSA."

The nice thing about such a series is that it doesn't have to be tied into the general Harry Potter storyline. Instead, it could make moves to more fully flesh out this fascinating world and its many inhabitants, and it could go on to show just how much of a genre it can encompass.

A Series Focused On The Marauders

The Marauders are certainly some of the best characters in Harry Potter. So it's no surprise that many Redditors would like to see their stories fleshed out, especially in a TV-supported serial format.

Objective-Tea-3070 has this to say about such a potential series: "But it would be so grim Sad because we know every single one of them will eventually die. But I'll watch it because I like Jily and Lupine. We'll definitely get a better look at the James/Snape rivalry.

While there will obviously be some limitations - it's often difficult to create tension when a character's ending is known - as the poster points out, it can be interesting to see these characters as young adults, and it's especially compelling how the seeds of the future are Sowed in the past.

A Television Adaptation Of The Novels

Clearly, the films are a key part of what made Harry Potter so successful. Even at their weakest points, they still provide excellent viewing. With a seven-season series, Incospeedo writes The wider canvas, that they could include "every detail from the book," asked Redditors to "imagine all the things they could include that were left out of the movie.

Plus, a series like this would give viewers the chance to rediscover the joy of seeing their beloved books come to life on screen. And, more importantly, more time spent with these characters and their gradual changes and character development.

A Comedy About Arthur Weasley’s Life At The Ministry

Arthur Weasley is one of the best secondary characters in Harry Potter. He is a beloved figure in Harry Potter fandom, so, Kheenamooth writes, "I needed an office-style sitcom that focused on Arthur's day-to-day life at the Ministry of Magic."

Such a series would be It succeeds for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it will add a comedic element to the story, especially in the final few installments, which can be a bit heavy at times. More importantly, it also gives audiences more opportunities to spend time with arguably one of the most likable characters in Harry Potter.

A Soap Opera Version

In many ways, the Harry Potter stories are more epic. So it's no surprise that some Redditors would like to see the series adapted into another language, a soap opera.

SourBrownMamaMel puts it this way: "I want a Harry Potter show on the CW - the same as Riverdale. Just full soap and drama and all the chaos and cringe." Such an adaptation would certainly give the creators a chance to explore new things Every aspect of these beloved characters. More importantly, it'll be fascinating to see how diverse the Harry Potter stories really become.

An Animated TV Show

Considering how many good fantasy series there are, it's easy to see why some Redditors would want to see an animated version of Harry Potter. Warmbaths wrote: "Personally I'd really like to have animation because there's so much to choose from in animation styles, and there's no limit in terms of shots/special effects."

As they point out, an animated version of the story would have many advantages. Among other things, this will help capture some of the utopian nature of the original series, striving to immerse audiences in the truly magical world Rowling has created.

Aurors But Like “Cops”

The Auror is certainly one of the most feared wizards and witches in the Harry Potter saga. So some Redditors want to see them at the center of their shows, like the cops.

Afox151 describes it this way: "Auror's is like the cops, with magic... I can hear theme song now." It's safe to assume that this kind of series will take on a rather bleak and dark vision of the Harry Potter universe, but that might work in its favor.

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